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The Geography of Council Campaign Donations, From Anita to Zukerberg

The conventional wisdom in the ongoing at-large D.C. Council race is that the city is divided by geography. Incumbent Anita Bonds, the thinking goes, can count on strong support east of the Anacostia River, while Matthew Frumin, Elissa Silverman, and Pat Mara are competing for votes west of Rock Creek Park and on Capitol Hill.
A [...]

Q&A: Michael Brown Defends His Record on Housing and Development

Last week, I sat down with David Grosso, who's challenging Michael Brown for an at-large seat on the D.C. Council, to talk about housing and development. This week, I spoke with Brown, who chairs the Committee on Economic Development and Housing, to get his thoughts on the issues, the race, and, yes, weed. Here's what [...]

Council Tweaks Comprehensive Plan: Good News for Charter Schools, Mixed-Use Development

Last week, the Council approved a raft of amendments to the Comprehensive Plan, the fat document that guides land use in the District. The update process has taken over a year, with hundreds of changes proposed, and many rejected. Several of those that made it through very clearly reflect Almost Mayor Vince Gray’s campaign promises. [...]

Prepare For Mediation!

Well, that was fast. In today's blizzard of Council votes, Councilmember Muriel Bowser shoved through an emergency version of legislation she introduced a couple weeks ago that would require mediation between a lender and the person about to be foreclosed upon, and require the new owner to rent the property back to the old owner [...]

Ward 5 to Get the Nation’s First Mixed-Use Wal-Mart?

On Monday, the news broke that the land on far New York Avenue Northeast once slated for a mixed-use development was now expected to get a Wal-Mart. Listserv chatter since then has been conflicted: Does D.C. really want to host the biggest and boxiest of the U.S.' bix box stores?
Last night, though, Ward 5 Councilmember [...]

Council Showdown This Afternoon on Overhead Wires

Councilmember Tommy Wells' bill to allow overhead wires to power the planned streetcar network is set for a hearing this afternoon in the Wilson Building. Twenty-eight people are signed up to testify (full list after the jump), from preservationists to environmentalists to H Street-affiliated groups that most need the overhead wire technology available now, rather [...]

Give Lease a Chance: D.C. Council and the Courts Square Off on Tenants’ Rights.

Objection!: Landlord attorney Hessler says speedy creation of a new court is not practical.
Every weekday morning at 9 a.m., D.C. landlord and tenant court begins with a mind-numbing exercise: roll call. The clerk stands up front and reads the names.
Some landlords grasp little satchels and clunky brief cases and nervously respond when called; lost-looking tenants [...]

Top Blog Posts of the Past Week

After a week of Real World DC madness, the blog has transitioned back to its usual housing and development-related content. This week, we welcomed both "Proud Satanist" and "Proud Catholic" as commenters to the blog. Both of them were, of course, posting about Catholic Charities' recent threat to stop running city-contracted social service programs if [...]

Councilmembers Dig in Heels on Catholic Threat

Council Chair Vincent Gray, and Council Members Mendelson and Evans
It doesn't look like the Catholic Archdiocese is going to be winning this battle.
Yesterday, the Washington Post reported that the Catholic Archdiocese had issued an ultimatum to the D.C. Council:  If you require us to extend same-sex marriage benefits to gay couples, we'll stop running city-contracted [...]

Catholic Church Threatens to Withhold Social Services if City Passes Same-Sex Marriage Law

Well, this is really shameful.
For most of the Fall, we've been reporting on the latest strains on homeless services around the city: First, it was Central Union Mission struggling to find space for a new shelter; Next, we focused on budgetary concerns crippling shelters around the city.
Well, forget all that. Now, we have a new reason [...]