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Towards a New Alignment of D.C. Politics?

A few months ago, a paper by George Mason University professor David Schleicher generated a good bit of chatter in the land use blogosphere. The argument: Housing in cities has become too expensive because, without strong local political parties, land use decisions tend to be driven by those next to proposed developments rather than the overall interests [...]

The Committee of 100’s P.R. Problem

Last week, right after D.C.'s Census results came out, Greater Greater Washington's David Alpert—like the Google veteran he is—threw together an application that lets you easily play with council ward boundaries until each one is balanced. Later, he'll aggregate all the maps created and recommendations offered into a report for the D.C. Council, so they [...]

In Zoning Changes, Timing Matters

If the word "zoning" makes your eyes glaze over, get yourself some coffee or something and try to focus for a second.
Here's the thing: For a few years now, the Office of Planning has been working on revamping the rules that govern how the city looks and feels. Regulations that dictate how many parking spaces [...]