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Charge of the Height Brigade

Last Wednesday, nearly two hours into the second marathon public hearing of the week on D.C. building-height limits, an 83-year-old D.C. resident named Bill Haskett stepped up to the microphone and delivered the sagest line of the contentious process.
“Anything older than I am,” Haskett told the full house at the National Capital Planning Commission, “should [...]

Take Back the Capital

Of the District’s acts of defiance during the first week of federal government shutdown, one stood out for its seemingly undefiant nature. Given that the National Park Service was ceasing most of its operations in D.C. while Congress wasn’t funding it, Mayor Vince Gray announced, the city would start picking up trash at Park Service–controlled [...]

D.C.’s Best Friend in Congress Comes to the Rescue Again

With the federal government 13 hours from shutting down and D.C. leaders pledging to keep the city running as normal, the question hanging in the air has been how, exactly, the feds will respond to this small act of defiance. The semi-autonomous District generally can't spend money without a congressional appropriation, so theoretically all nonessential [...]

D.C. Recommends Major Changes to Height Act

Two weeks after the National Capital Planning Commission recommended only very minor changes to the Height Act, the District has come out with its own proposals. And they're considerably more dramatic.
The proposals, conveyed in a letter today from Mayor Vince Gray to Rep. Darrell Issa, the Republican who requested the D.C.-NCPC joint study of the Height Act, [...]

Height Act Recommendations Not a Done Deal

So the National Capital Planning Commission has released its (misguided, shortsighted, detrimental) recommendations for changes to the Height Act, which basically call for no change at all. Fortunately for Washingtonians who want more power to shape our own city outside of the strictures imposed by the federal government, that won't be the last word to [...]

Height Made Right

The people who ponder the physical state of the District have been asking whether the city’s height limits should be abolished for so long that the obvious followup question has basically been ignored. What if, instead of wondering if the Height Act should be repealed, D.C. looked ahead to how things would look once it [...]

NCPC Lays Out Steps Ahead for Height Act Study

The National Capital Planning Commission got its study of potential changes to the Height Act rolling this afternoon with a meeting that laid out the steps ahead before NCPC needs to submit its recommendations to Congress in September.
The study was requested by Rep. Darrell Issa, the California Republican who chairs the House committee with jurisdiction [...]

Issa at Panel on Building Heights: “It’s About How Well You Go High”

Demonstrating more than a passing interest in the impact of D.C.'s height limits, Rep. Darrell Issa made an unannounced appearance at a panel last night on the seemingly esoteric subject of building heights in European capitals.
The panel, hosted by the National Capital Planning Commission at the National Archives, invited three European urbanists to discuss the [...]

Repeal the Height Act, Fund the Metro?

Matt Yglesias has a proposal for how to fund the $6 billion expansion that Metro wants to undertake, and if you've ever read Matt Yglesias, you can probably guess what it is: Repeal the Height Act!
He writes:
Restrictions on the height of buildings in the DC central business district cost the city billions per year in lost [...]

Issa Outtakes: Republican Has Frequent Access to Issa; D.C. Group, Not So Much

In last week's cover story on Darrell Issa, the conservative California Republican who's become D.C.'s surprising best friend in Congress, I highlighted the good rapport between Issa and Mayor Vince Gray—the two even watched a hockey game together in Gray's suite at the Verizon Center. But when it comes to nongovernmental D.C. voting rights advocates, Issa's [...]