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Cleaner Rivers, Higher Bills, More D.C. Jobs?

If you're like most D.C. residents and use running water from time to time, you'll soon be paying more for the service. As part of DC Water's $2.6 billion Clean Rivers Project to build huge tunnels under the city and significantly reduce the amount of sewage entering D.C.'s rivers, property owners will be slapped with [...]

Bloomingdale Residents Furious Over Tunnel Construction Plans

After Bloomingdale got walloped by flooding from storms last year, DC Water came up with a medium-term fix that involves digging a Metro-sized tunnel under First Street NW between now and 2016 to store stormwater. Now, residents of one block in the neighborhood are finding that the solution's as bad as the problem.
Flagler Place NW [...]

McMillan Development: Underwater Again?

Last week, I reported on the steady progress of plans to redevelop the McMillan Sand Filtration Site on North Capitol Street. After 25 years of battles, the latest plan has the support of key councilmembers and segments of the local public.
But it may have just hit a snag, in the form of water engineering.
Residents of [...]

Can D.C. Really Pay For Massive Sewer Upgrades?

Probably not, according to a study out today from the Brookings Institution.
Last October, D.C. Water broke ground on the Clean Rivers Project, a $2.6 billion, 20-year effort to control and cleanse the water that pours off the land and into the Chesapeake Bay. To pay for it, the agency has issued bonds, which are supposed [...]

Water Main Breakage: Just a Winter Kind of Thing

Crudbuckets. It's snowing outside, and your water just got cut off. No soup, no tea, no hot shower to warm up. Why oh why do water mains have to break now?
Hearing cries of frustration from all over the city, I was curious about this question, and called up D.C. Water spokesman Alan Heymann to [...]

Paying the Bills: Wraparound Crowd Files Through Convention Center for Energy Discounts

Thousands of low-income Washingtonians started lining up early this morning at the Convention Center to get a crack at discounts on their utility bills and free weatherization for their homes, waiting for hours while canvassers for mayoral candidates Adrian Fenty and Vince Gray worked the line (a few heated arguments broke out along the way).
The [...]