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D.C. United, Buzzard Point-Area Neighbors Strike a Deal

It's not quite the $5 million neighbors wanted, but it's enough to satisfy some of them.

Akridge May Force City to Use Eminent Domain as Stadium Deal Shifts

That could make acquiring land for a new home for D.C. United more expensive, and more time-consuming.

Bowser Pledges to Pass D.C. United Stadium Deal by Year’s End, Without Reeves Swap

Muriel Bowser wants to "make sure that we are reducing the District's risks by de-linking the Reeves Center from the deal."

The Incredible Shrinking Stadium-Deal Benefits

That $109 million benefit to the city? It could be more like $17 million.

The D.C. Council Loves Unnecessary Tax Breaks

The latest: a potential break on sales and property taxes for D.C. United

Own Goal: The D.C. United Stadium Faces a Skeptical D.C. Council

The Council thinks the mayor's office is "thumbing the nose at the legislative branch" on the stadium deal.

The Inevitability of Buzzard Point

In 1989, the experts said Buzzard Point would soon be "the Tysons Corner of the 21st century."

Council and Administration Spar Over Newly Controversial Stadium Plan

"I have to say, I’m a little offended by parts of your testimony," Phil Mendelson told Allen Lew.

Report: D.C. Overpays by More Than $25 Million in Stadium Deal

Buzzard Point land costs too much, and the Reeves Center doesn't cost enough.

What Would Replace the Reeves Center in the D.C. United Deal?

A lengthy political battle stands between the city's proposal to orchestrate several land swaps and purchases in order to build a D.C. United soccer stadium at Buzzard Point and the realization of the plan. But one central piece of the plan, previously lacking in clear details, has begun to come into focus: the building that would [...]