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Tenley-Friendship Library, Ready for its Closeup

The march of new library openings continues Monday with the opening of the Tenley-Friendship branch, up on Wisconsin Avenue. After singing the praises of Chief Librarian Ginnie Cooper's building blitz last week, I poked my head into the flurry of pre-opening activity, as books went on the shelves and emergency systems got tested.
In many ways, [...]

The Builder: Ginnie Cooper’s blitz of glitzy libraries was pricey—but worth it.

D.C. Chief Librarian Ginnie Cooper’s office, on the fourth floor of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Library, is in some ways a reminder of failure: It’s too big, and a set of fraying modernist chairs, original to the 1973 Ludwig Mies van der Rohe building, have grown too delicate to sit on. Cooper, a [...]

Is Ginnie Cooper is the Hottest Thing in D.C. Architecture?

As every blog and its mother has noted already, the Wall Street Journal yesterday favored the Watha T. Daniel Shaw Library with inclusion on its list of 2010's best public architecture. Funny thing is, architects Davis Brody Bond Aedas didn't even want the project originally: Given the choice of four libraries that were first in [...]

Holes in the Ground

A small sampling from a weekend ride. Just in case you forgot that there's actually a lot getting built in the District these days.
469-unit apartment building by Archstone, in NoMa:

Anybody Want a Kiosk?

Back in 2008, the D.C. Public Library decided to close five neighborhood kiosks, the tiny one-room libraries set up during the 1970s in some of the city's poorer neighborhoods to increase access to books where full-service libraries didn't yet exist. Many of those neighborhoods were getting new libraries, the Board reasoned, and the kiosks weren't [...]

Construction Tour: Bibliophile’s Palace Coming Together in Georgetown

While the Mt. Pleasant Library is still getting off the ground, DCPL’s other big historic renovation going on right now—the Georgetown Library—is proceeding apace, on track to finish this fall. Last week, Housing Complex took a tour.
The first thing to note about this renovation is that it’s creating a lot more space. The old library, [...]