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D.C. General Is Awful. Closing It Could Be Worse.

Anyone who's even remotely interested in the welfare of the District's least fortunate residents should read the Washington Post's damning investigation into the deplorable conditions at D.C. General, the city's maxed-out, maligned, and only shelter for homeless families. The facilities are crumbling. Children are subject to urination in their mouths by day and roaches by night. [...]

It’s Cost-Effective to Put Homeless People Into Housing. If Only It Were That Easy.

Today at Vox, Matt Yglesias has a post on what he calls "one of my favorite ideas in public policy," under the headline, "It's three times cheaper to give housing to the homeless than to keep them on the streets." He points to a story last week in the Orlando Sentinel on a new study finding that each homeless [...]

Is the City Moving Homeless Women Into a Morgue? Not Exactly.

A poster to the "newhilleast" neighborhood listserv sounded the alarm on Friday: The city is about to move homeless women into a former morgue.
"In their infinite wisdom — or is it brain death, I sometimes wonder — DC functionaries want to move the current Harriet Tubman shelter for homeless women across Res. 13 into the [...]

Playground Dispute Raises Questions About D.C. General’s Future

Nearly everyone agrees that the D.C. General shelter is in rough shape. Nearly everyone agrees that it should be shut down before long. And yet those seemingly aligned sentiments are proving increasingly irreconcilable.
Last week, Ward 1 Councilmember Jim Graham, who chairs the D.C. Council's human services committee, called for shutting down the shelter at the former [...]

The Home Stretch

Nkechi Feaster’s story begins like those of so many other victims of the Great Recession. After she was laid off from her job at a law firm in 2007, work became increasingly difficult to come by. Three times over the next four years, she was hired, and three times she was laid off. Then the [...]

Relisha Rudd Case Highlights Entrenched Life for Families at Troubled D.C. General

The Washington Post has a powerful story out today with many new details on the disappearance of eight-year-old Relisha Rudd, who's believed to have been kidnapped by a janitor at the D.C. General shelter, where she and her mother were staying. There were clearly plenty of failures here: on the part of the girl's mother, who lied [...]

Advocates, City Officials Spar Over Homeless Amendments

There are too many homeless families crowding into the city's inadequate shelters. On that, all parties agree. But when it comes to what should be done about it, tempers start to flare.
Earlier today, a group of homeless families from the D.C. General shelter headed to the Wilson Building to protest the amendments to the Homeless [...]

Where Will Homeless Families Go After the Comfort Inn?

This week, I wrote about the 200-ish families the city is putting up at hotels on New York Avenue NE, in the broader context of an affordable housing supply that's just totally dried out. Obviously, there's much more to the story.
At the end of hypothermia season on March 31, the city is no longer legally [...]


February is usually the worst month for the District's hotel business—a flat lull before cherry blossom season comes along March.
But the Comfort Inn, a stuccoed yellow outpost on New York Avenue NE, is having a great winter. Of course, it's a strange kind of success. One portion of the clientele is just what you'd expect: [...]

Non-D.C. Homeless to be Turned Away From Shelters Come March

In a climactic vote just now in the Wilson Building, the City Council passed Councilmember Tommy Wells' proposal to require that homeless shelters turn away people who can't demonstrate District residency during the coldest part of the year. By my count of the 30-day Congressional review period, the bill will go into effect on March [...]