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Council Debates Private Bathrooms for Homeless Families

A majority of the Council supported the Bowser administration's plan as presented.

City Aims to Slash Homelessness Over Next Five Years

The targets are ambitious, though officials believe them to be within reach.

Human Services Chief Condemns Overbilling by Homeless Provider

The billing practices "absolutely are not alright, and they need to change,"

D.C. Overpaid Homeless Services Organization by More Than $5 Million, Audit Finds

The group that runs the D.C. General shelter overbilled the city for services last year.

City Gives Up on Public Buildings as D.C. General Replacement

On to Plan B.

Homeless Population at Motels Continues to Climb, at a Cost of Millions

It wasn't supposed to go this way. Not even close.

Shelter Skelter: Why Shuttering D.C. General Won’t Be Easy

The city finally has a plan to close the D.C. General homeless shelter. But it raises as many questions as it answers.

City Plan Would Close D.C. General as Early as Next Fall

Smaller homeless shelters would replace a troubled former hospital.

Human Services Chief: City Can Avoid Homeless Crisis, But Only With Persistent Effort

But even if the city finds homes for the occupants of D.C. General, the shelter will probably fill up again this winter.

City Expects 16 Percent Rise in Family Homelessness This Winter

Thought last winter was rough for homeless families? This one could be significantly worse.