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D.C. Business Groups: We are Relevant!

After my profile of the D.C. Fiscal Policy institute, in which Councilmember Jack Evans dissed business groups for their "woeful" analysis and outreach, the D.C. Chamber of Commerce, Federal City Council, and Greater Washington Board of Trade saw fit to have their top executives sign a letter insisting that they do, in fact, influence policy. [...]

Whose Fault Joblessness? Government, Labor, Business Tell Each Other What to Do.

In advance of Vince Gray’s inauguration, ideas have been pouring forth on ways to rectify the District’s most glaring contradiction: While our economy is doing relatively well, you wouldn’t know it by looking at our 10 percent unemployment rate.
The city has various initiatives to match current residents with the new jobs created here: An array [...]

Jim Graham Striking Out With Businessfolk

City Desk reported yesterday that the D.C. Chamber of Commerce's PAC put its thumb on the scale for Ward One Council candidate Jeff Smith, making a pointed statement against Councilmember Jim Graham's continued service in the Wilson Building. I share Jason's surprise–it's not often that an organization will take such a risk on someone who [...]

Small Local Biz for Gray, Suburban Heavy Hitters for Fenty?

As our dearly departed DeBonis reports, the Greater Washington Board of Trade has endorsed Mayor Adrian Fenty over Council Chairman Vince Gray, with the reasoning: Things have been ok from our perspective, so why change horses mid-stream?
"It simply comes down to the fact that we recognize the progress that's being made over the past four [...]

As Mayoral Buzz Quiets, Don Peebles to Headline D.C. Chamber Luncheon [UPDATE]

The Don Peebles buzzmeter has been on the fritz for six months now, as he thought about running for mayor, decided against it, changed his mind, and then decided to decide later. The chattering classes seem to have lost patience with the real estate mogul's waffling; he hasn't been heard from since Tom Sherwood told [...]