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Most-Used Bikeshare Station Gets 1,000 Times the Traffic of Least-Used Station

Not a lot of love for the dock at 49th Street NE and Nannie Helen Burroughs Avenue.

The BicycleSPACE Takeover

This year, the popular bike shop goes from one store to three.

It Wasn’t Easy Biking in D.C. in 1982

Think it's hard biking in D.C. these days? Try 1982. The District Department of Transportation has just posted a guide to cycling in the District that it initially put out in 1982, when conditions and rules were a bit different.
First, the infrastructure: There was hardly any. The guide opens with a list of "D.C. Bikeways," but [...]

Courtland Milloy, Biker Terrorist

@ctmilloy and @Dizzyluv25 have agreed to work w/ @DDOTDC to create more intuitive signage #GivePeaceaChance #bikedc
— Black Women Bike DC (@BWBDC) August 8, 2014

If anyone expected a bike ride through downtown D.C. to change Courtland Milloy's mind about the dangerous "biker terrorists out to rule the road," he's got news for you.
"If people thought that I was [...]

Plan Calls for Congestion Pricing, More Bike Lanes, and Expanded Transit for D.C.

Congestion pricing downtown. A vastly expanded network of bike lanes. Streetcar and bus routes with dedicated lanes. A parking system more tailored to demand. Lanes reserved for high-occupancy vehicles and toll-payers on major thoroughfares.
If the city's transportation network evolves as the District Department of Transportation hopes it will, these could all soon be a reality.
DDOT [...]

Why D.C.’s Bike Deserts Matter

Elevation DC has a great feature today on a concept that's not often discussed: bike shop deserts. A group calling itself the Black Thumb Collective is providing free bike maintenance to communities east of the Anacostia River to address the complete lack of bike shops there, akin to the food deserts we hear so much [...]

On Being Doored

It was bound to happen sooner or later: After five years of biking in D.C., I finally got doored.
I was biking home from work yesterday evening on 11th Street NW, when the passenger-side door of the car on my left swung open into the bike lane. I had maybe a quarter of a second to [...]