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Italian Shirt Laundry is No More; Owner Settles Lawsuit With Architects

Remember that exciting new concept coming to the old shirt laundry building on 14th and Q NW? The would-be restauranteur, Whisk Group, has finally given up the fight after pouring more than $50,000 into preparation–only to decide that foundation upgrades, soil remediation, and renovation would cost more than he'd bargained for.
"At this point, we're backing [...]

Randolph Towers Heading Towards Foreclosure

Back in July, I wrote about a large building on Randolph and 14th Street NW that had tried to go through a tenant purchase before the real estate crash, got in way over its head with renovations, and ended up desperately trying to get renters to qualify for the city assistance and loans they needed [...]

The Education Plaza That Could Have Been

With all the grumbling surrounding Frank Gehry's designs for the Eisenhower Memorial, it seemed timely to dig out a concept that once emerged as an alternative for the barren space in front of the Department of Education Building: A park devoted to, well, education. Back in 2001, the Project for Public Spaces–which has since inaugurated [...]

Abdo Bails on Arbor Place, New York Avenue Goes Begging

The invaluable Michael Niebauer reports this morning that developer Jim Abdo is pulling out of a 16-acre, $1.1 billion mixed-use project on New York Avenue NE. The plan was approved as a planned unit development over two years ago, but the financing never came together, and Abdo is finally calling it quits. Instead, he's helping [...]