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Cheh Aims to Preempt Bus Lot With Community Center

In one of the most successful recent triumphs of civic activism over city plans, Ivy City residents persuaded a judge in December 2012 to prevent the District from turning a former school parking lot in the neighborhood into a major bus parking depot—temporarily. The judge issued a preliminary injunction against the use of the lot [...]

Ivy City Bus Lot Opponents Get a Gift: Alternatives

Ivy City residents have been fighting the city's plans to put a tour bus depot in their neighborhood with all they've got. In December, they won a temporary injunction from a judge against placing the depot on the lot of the defunct Alexander Crummell School until certain conditions were met. But in their struggle, they've [...]

Judge Allows Buses in Crummell Lot on Inauguration Day

Nearly a month after Ivy City residents celebrated a judge's ruling that temporarily barred bus parking on the lot of the defunct Crummell School, the city won a small victory today: a stay by the same judge that lifts her earlier injunction for the presidential inauguration on Jan. 21.
The city was hoping to use the [...]

City Files Motion for Stay on Ivy City Bus Ruling

Days after a judge ruled that the city couldn't use an Ivy City lot for bus parking, Mayor Vince Gray filed a motion for a stay on the judge's decision so that buses could be parked on the lot pending appeal—particularly during the inauguration festivities.
Judge Judith Macaluso ruled on Monday that the parking lot of [...]

City Plans to Appeal Ivy City Ruling, Despite McDuffie’s Protests

Ward 5 Councilmember Kenyan McDuffie sent a letter to Mayor Vince Gray today urging him not to appeal a decision by a judge this week barring the city from using an Ivy City parking lot for bus parking.
"On December 10th, Judge Judith N. Macaluso issued an injunction that temporarily halts the operation of the planned [...]

Judge Sides With Ivy City Residents in Bus Lot Dispute

A judge has sided with residents of the Ivy City neighborhood in their fight to prevent the city from building a bus parking lot on the former grounds of the Crummell School.
The judge, Judith N. Macaluso, issued a preliminary injunction this afternoon barring the city from building the lot until it can correct its "noncompliance with [...]

Does D.C. Need Tour Buses?

I wrote a cover story this week about Union Station: How much more it could be than it is, if all its component parts could work together more cohesively (and if hundreds of millions of dollars become available over the next five years). One of the pieces that's getting pushed out as others expand is [...]

As Ivy City Rises, Will Crummell School Come Back to Life?

This Saturday saw two celebrations of historic buildings.
One was the Old Naval Hospital on Pennsylvania Avenue SE, gut renovated to the most exacting historic standards, financed through a pastiche of tax credits, local and federal and funds, and private donations. It took long enough, but is now all set to become a pulsing community hub.

Union Station Ain’t Big Enough For All Those Buses

Today, the District Department of Transportation tweets, Megabus moves into Union Station's parking deck, as part of the plan to make the station into a multi-modal transportation hub. Right now, everybody fits, since the charter tour buses that also pick up and drop off passengers there are entering the winter slow season. But come spring, [...]

City Puts Another Decaying Historic School Up For Grabs

This November, the Alexander Crummell School on Gallaudet and Kendall Streets NE will mark its 100th birthday. But it's not really in a position to celebrate. The decaying brick hulk, placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2004, has been bereft of students since the late 60s. In a 2000 City Paper cover [...]