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Taking the Karma Out of Volunteering

Most people are only really good at a few things in life. And lots of us have friends with similar skills (like writing) when we might need help with other tasks (like bike repair).
Enter time banks. The concept originated three decades ago, when Ed Cahn—founder of the Antioch School of Law—wondered what could be done [...]

The Cupcake Premium

Every once in a while, Craigslist delivers a sign of our times. Today, it does so in the form of an ad for office space on Potomac Street in Georgetown, headlined "$650 Escape Downtown – Enjoy Georgetown Cupcake (Potomac & Prospect Streets)".
Nevermind that the it's just next to Georgetown Cupcake's office, not its retail store. [...]

The Yard Sale of the Future: No Yard Required

Washington neighborhoods have lately been pioneering new ways of offloading old stuff: Coordinated community-wide yard sales have taken place in Brookland and Columbia Heights. Today, the always-awesome Burleith listserv brings news of another innovation: the online yard sale, with items listed for sale at a site set up for that very purpose. This way, you [...]

Intentional Communities on the Up-and-Up?

This summer, I was treated to a delicious meal of—are you ready for this?—brussels sprouts, glazed salmon, veggie potpie with chard, collared greens, turnip greens, mustard greens, onion, and a pizza dough crust; an egg souffle with mushrooms and onions; and a seasoned risotto boiled in an onion stock.
A ton–yes. But not when you live [...]

Craigslist + How to Spot a Really Obvious Rental Scam

If someone offered you a luxurious two-bedroom rental in Chinatown for $1,000/month, all included, you'd figure it was too good to be true.
And you'd be right!
But here's the devilish part: Not only have these lily-livered scammers resorted to false domain names; they now write personably and with few grammatical irregularities!
Below, a simple guide to spotting [...]

Home Coming Out: Navigating Craigslist Can be Tricky for GLBT People

Amelie Hopkins outside her new Adams Morgan home
When Amelie Hopkins started searching for a new group house on Craigslist, she’d look for different “coding” in the advertisements.
“Progressive” and “communal” and “Bravo”—as in the television network known for Queer Eye for the Straight Guy—she took as good signals.
“We like to watch lots of ESPN” gave her [...]