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Resolved: No Groundbreakings Until Permits, Financing in Place

It's a frustrating phenomenon: A "groundbreaking" takes place, and the relevant local figures all stand around making speeches and patting themselves on the back. And then...nothing happens. Shaw saw a slew of groundbreakings last summer, and a several projects are under serious construction or renovation, including the Howard Theater, Progression Place, Gibson Plaza, and the [...]

Getting This Party Started at Convention Center Hotel

In proof positive that long-running development projects make for nearly as long groundbreaking speeches, today's ceremony to mark the official start of construction on the $520 million Marriott Marquis hotel downtown was a doozy, with speakers thanking everyone from former mayor Marion Barry (seated proudly in the front row) to Washington Convention and Sports Authority [...]

What Will the Convention Center Hotel Mean for Shaw?

The massive Marriott Marquis hotel planned for 10th and Massachusetts Avenue N.W. has been working through legal issues for so long now that nearby residents have almost forgotten it's on the way. But now, with a financial closing expected for October 27th and construction ready to start 10 days after, the prospect is starting to [...]

The Convention Center Hotel is Seriously Stalled–Again

A familiar, long-running story is back in the news—and that's definitely a bad thing.
For years, D.C. officials have wanted to build a hotel to support big groups hosting events at the Washington Convention Center. That project—despite the economic downturn—was rejuvenated this summer when Councilmembers Kwame Brown (At-large) and Jack Evans (Ward 2) decided it could [...]

Convention Center Hotel Brings 2,000+ Jobs

Recession be damned, D.C.'s  getting a convention center hotel.
Yesterday, Mayor Adrian Fenty signed the authorizing bill, which was approved by the DC Council last month. The legislation will set in place a plan to finance construction using public and private funds.
In a hearing about the convention center hotel earlier this summer, job creation came up [...]

We’re Getting a Convention Center Hotel!

The engine of capitalism churns forward! Today a bill authorizing the construction of the convention center hotel was passed by the D.C. Council.
The long-delayed project sat idly by as the National Harbor attracted convention business, and Disney acquired 15 acres of property in the area to build a resort.
In early June, At-large Councilmember Kwame Brown and [...]

Latest on the Convention Center Hotel Bill

Yesterday, the DC Council passed, on first review, a bill allowing the city to contribute an additional $72 million in public funding to the construction of the convention center hotel.
Image by Cooper Cary

‘Build it for the Children’ and Other Highlights from the Convention Center Hotel Hearing

The Convention Center Hotel, located at 9th Street and Massachusetts Ave.
"I want you to imagine a District of Columbia without a Verizon Center and a Convention Center," stated Ward 2 Councilmember Jack Evans. "It would probably look like Detroit."
"We are now spending records amounts of money in our school system. We are spending record amounts [...]