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We Need More Housing. Lots More Housing.

We constantly hear about D.C.'s population growth—more than 1,000 new residents per month, as Gray administration officials are fond of reminding us—and the resulting threat to housing affordability. But what tends to get overlooked is the sheer challenge of actually building enough housing to accommodate all those new people over the next few decades.
A paper [...]

Good Riddance to Old Rubbish

Last month, the District got one of those rankings that it knows is meaningless but celebrates anyway: It has more building square feet per capita certified by the U.S. Green Building Council as enviro-friendly than any state in the nation. Win!
It’s meaningless in part because D.C. is a city and can’t realistically be compared to [...]

Staycation: Why D.C. Has So Many New Hotels

Trying to find a place for Aunt Millie to stay in the District?
Good luck. Hotel occupancy and room rates in D.C. have trended up over the last year—prices averaged $206 per night in 2011—while no new hotels have opened. Business travel and tourism are on the rise again, after flatlining in 2008 and 2009, and [...]

What Will Happen to Gallery Square?

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Located directly north of Chinatown's glistening, freshly-repainted arch, the building at the northeast corner of 7th and H Streets is looking particularly dingy these days. On the street level, there are construction barriers, and there's an "Eichberg" sign hanging across the western exterior wall.
But it doesn't seem like much is going on—and this [...]

Residential Construction Spending Up

Don't get too excited now, but residential construction spending is up for the first time in 17 months, the Associate Press reports.
The report said that construction activity was flat in August, an outcome better than the 0.5 percent fall that economists had expected.
The big surprise was a 0.3 percent rise in residential activity, the [...]