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Blighted Anacostia Building Reopens as Condos

The city's solicitation for development on eight Anacostia lots may not be returning any blighted buildings to productive use, but one nonprofit developer is. Today, affordable housing developer Manna officially opens The Buxton, a 24-condo project in an Anacostia building that's long stood vacant.
Manna took over the dilapidated building at 1700-1720 W St. SE last year [...]

The History of the High-Rise, in Verse

With potentially major changes to the Height Act on the way, it's worth taking a moment to consider what, exactly, we'd be getting if high- (or higher-) rise buildings came to the District. I could launch into an explanation of how steel-frame construction led cities to shoot upward, or how the gargantuan Cairo building on [...]

Park It

In the basement of the Watha T.Daniel/Shaw Library early last month, Advisory Neighborhood Commission 2C came up with a wish list for everything it wanted in a new development that would go on a long-vacant, city-owned lot across the street. The last plan had foundered in the recession, and this time, the city was offering [...]

And Then There Was One (at Union Row)

End of an era here folks! Union Row, the enormous condo complex at 14th and V Streets—heck, the "Second Best Condominium" in D.C.—is almost sold out. For the past eight months, I've been getting alerts about its remaining units. By late October, there were only ten left out of an original total of roughly 270. [...]

Just How Many New Condos Came Onto the Market This Year…

Last Friday, the Washington, DC Economic Partnership released their 2009/2010 Development Report, which will be my go-to guide for project renderings and construction stats until the next edition comes out in roughly a year.
Anyone even vaguely familiar with the local real estate market (or, for that matter, almost any real estate market in the U.S. [...]

Ten Ten Mass Sold Out

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Perhaps the first-time homebuyers credit—which was set to expire by Nov. 30, but now is being extended—has been good to D.C.'s condo market. It looks like for-sale condos are being snapped up around the city.
Last week, we heard that Union Row, the mammoth 14th Street complex with some 270 units, was nearly sold [...]

State of the D.C. Condo Market: Prices May Rise, Apartment Projects May Go Condo Soon…

Delta Associates third quarter condo report was released yesterday, and the numbers look good—well, better than usual—for the District. I did not spot the term "condo glut" once. In the last few months, several projects were cancelled and a few were "reprogrammed," but Delta expects that demand will rise again soon here and across the [...]

Manna Plans New Condos in Anacostia

Occasionally, I find myself  inexplicably writing over and over, the same day, about the same area of the city. 
Today, the mini onslaught comes from the east of the river neighborhoods—or if you please "River East."
DC MUD is reporting that there are 24 new condos in the works—Condos! Imagine that! It actually may be time to [...]

Renovated Condo, Complete With Cats

The kittens at the Animal Welfare League of Arlington live differently than the adult cats. Adult cats—including Sheba, the even-temptered black 10-year-old and Bennett, the 11-year-old orange tabby—have a divided, single-level home they can crawl through. But the kittens get the most affordable  condo in Shirlington.

Ten Questions for the Dude Behind “Arlington: The Rap”

It’s still a good day to be a gangsta in “Arlington: The Rap,” but Remy Munasifi is moving on. Creatively (to a video for the Tax Foundation), not physically. The star of the smash NoVa hit on YouTube (as well as “Partly Cloudy: The Rap” and the only slightly less-hilarious one about 2 percent milk) [...]