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Another City-Supported Tenant Purchase Goes Under

A couple of months ago, we learned about how a massive tenant purchase in Columbia Heights had slowly fallen victim to city sluggishness and unrealistic expectations. In early June, Mayfair Mansions met a similar fate—it went into foreclosure, putting the tenants essentially back where they started.
We’ll begin at the beginning.
Mayfair Mansions, a 569-unit apartment complex [...]

Fenty and Gray Carve Up the Real Estate World

On Monday, Jonathan O'Connell drilled down into the economic development platforms of Mayor Adrian Fenty and would-be mayor Vince Gray. In a nutshell, he concludes that while Fenty has gone for big developments–many of which haven't yet been built–Gray would focus on fewer projects, and emphasize the steady-job-generating tourism industry. We also get a bit [...]