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Committee of 100: Most of the Streetcar Routes Make Sense

It's the day you've been waiting for, folks: The Committee of 100's 91-page report on the city's entire proposed streetcar system has dropped, and it's some great bedside reading if you've got a couple hours. The venerable advocacy group's transportation committee drove every one of the system's 37 miles, and analyzed each component route with [...]

Should We Care About Views of Union Station?

In today's Post, Jonathan O'Connell sums up the squabble between Akridge and preservation groups over the definition of "sidewalk": That is, from where the developer should be able to measure the 130 feet prescribed by the federal Height Act for its Burnham Place project over the tracks leading into Union Station. Akridge–with the Office of [...]

D.C. Preservation League Settles With Third Church, Quid Pro Quos Abound

Last month, the Post reported that after a years-long legal fight over whether the Church of Christ, Scientist would be allowed to tear down its Brutalist home on 16th Street NW, developers were finally getting ready for demolition. It struck me as odd: What happened to the D.C. Preservation League's litigation to prevent the church [...]

Maybe We Should Vote on Cabinet Members, Too

When the Committee of 100's "Fire Klein/Tregoning" letter dropped into my inbox this morning, I didn't spend too much time parsing its points, figuring that David Alpert would get to it sooner or later. Sure enough, the rebuttal showed up earlier this afternoon, along with a petition you can sign in support of the pair, [...]

Committee of 100 to Gray: Sack Klein, Tregoning

Well now, the Committee of 100 has gotten a bee in its bonnet: President George Clark blasted off a letter to incoming Mayor Vince Gray this week calling for the replacement of Department of Transportation director Gabe Klein and Office of Planning director Harriet Tregoning.
The letter cites a litany of complaints, most centering around what [...]

Shorter Height Act

Over the last few days, the news that D.C. office rents had finally surpassed New York's sent the blogosphere into another tizzy of recrimination about the economic and aesthetic costs of the 1910 Height Act, which caps buildings at a maximum height of 130 feet (and in most areas lower). Meanwhile, the Committee of 100 [...]

Election Reverb! Preservationists and Planners “Jubilant” About Gray

I picked up on this after the penultimate campaign finance filing deadline, but it’s become more concrete recently: An ad-hoc collection of prominent preservationists and city planners are thrilled at the election of Vince Gray, and are hosting an after-the-fact fundraiser for him this Friday Thursday, September 30. Along with the Greater Greater Washington crew, [...]

Council Showdown This Afternoon on Overhead Wires

Councilmember Tommy Wells' bill to allow overhead wires to power the planned streetcar network is set for a hearing this afternoon in the Wilson Building. Twenty-eight people are signed up to testify (full list after the jump), from preservationists to environmentalists to H Street-affiliated groups that most need the overhead wire technology available now, rather [...]