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Treasury Department to Get Backyard Playground

It's usually hard to get playgrounds built on federal land downtown. But it's not impossible if you're a federal employee association, apparently: In late August, the Department of the Treasury completed a full Environmental Assessment and Finding of No Significant Impact for a playground on the Treasury's south lawn, and it's on the agenda for [...]

The Builder: Ginnie Cooper’s blitz of glitzy libraries was pricey—but worth it.

D.C. Chief Librarian Ginnie Cooper’s office, on the fourth floor of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Library, is in some ways a reminder of failure: It’s too big, and a set of fraying modernist chairs, original to the 1973 Ludwig Mies van der Rohe building, have grown too delicate to sit on. Cooper, a [...]

ULI Scholar: Georgetown’s Such a Special Place That Glassy Apple Store Would Have Ruined It

And you thought we were done hashing over the Georgetown Apple Store debate! Never, my friends. In the fall issue of the very charming Planning Commissioners Journal, Urban Land Institute senior fellow Edward T. McMahon uses the federalified Georgetown Apple Store as a demonstration of the neighborhood's placemaking power: Even robbed of its now-iconic glass-cube [...]

D.C. Courthouse Could Get More Transparent (Literally)

The backside of the Moultrie Courthouse, on C Street NW between 4th and 6th Street, is a pretty bleak view at the moment: Limestone walls with thin slits for windows. But the 1970s-era building that houses D.C.'s Family and Superior Courts is about to get some of the glass that's been sheeting buildings around the [...]

How to Secure the Washington Monument? Four Thoughts.

As we seem to be reminded of fairly often these days, places of national significance tend to attract angry people with weapons. And at the moment, all that stands between the Washington Monument and the terrorists are some perimeter security bollards and a boxy, temporary screening facility–the National Park Service tried to build a permanent [...]