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Preaching to the Test: The Mayoral Candidates on D.C.’s Public Schools

Muriel Bowser, David Catania, and Carol Schwartz on solving D.C.'s biggest puzzle

Is the City to Blame for Anacostia’s Vacant Properties?

Anger at a public art installation led to an outpouring of frustration among Anacostia residents at the city-owned vacant property in their neighborhood.

The Unusual Retail Tactic That Could Transform Rhode Island Avenue NE

Commercial strips far from Metro stations are struggling. Could "transitional retail" be the answer?

Why Is Developer JBG Publishing a Vanity Newspaper?

If the D/City newspaper around 14th Street NW has made you think the neighborhood is hip, then JBG's gambit is working.

Zone Defense

It took just 20 minutes from the time Mayor Vince Gray announced his planned overhaul of the city’s public school assignment system last Thursday for the boos to start raining down on the DC Urban Moms and Dads online discussion forum. “Well, that sucks,” was the first reaction, from a Crestwood resident posting anonymously. “Just [...]

Why Did Developer WC Smith Buy Up Most of Congress Heights?

A walk along the District’s far southeastern edge reveals much that wasn’t there 20 years ago. Heading eastward from the Congress Heights Metro station on Alabama Avenue SE, the first stop is the Shops at Park Village, anchored by a Giant that became Ward 8’s first full-service supermarket since the last century when it opened [...]

Why D.C. Is About to Have Even Less Affordable Housing

They called it a discount. Trayawn Brown had lived at the Mount Vernon Plaza apartments at 930 M St. NW for 10 years when she received a letter from the building managers on Nov. 16, 2013, informing her that she had a month and a half to choose among three unsavory options: sign a new [...]

Uppers and Downers

Denis Suski gestures at his backyard, at the ample greenery and the picnic table and the two yellow hand-shaped chairs that match his house’s yellow back walls. “This is my concern,” he says, “is losing things like this.”
All around him, things like that are being lost, at least to the sun’s rays. Throughout his neighborhood [...]

Rallying Cry for D.C.’s NEMBYs: “No Embassies In My Back Yard”

The National Capital Planning Commission meeting last Thursday began like all of the commission’s meetings do: with a pledge of allegiance to the flag of the United States of America. The NCPC has a funny sort of dual role. In charge of city planning for the District before the 1973 Home Rule Act transferred some [...]

Bull in Chinatown: Developer Tells Section 8 Tenants to Pay Up or Get Out

Last month, word spread among the residents of the Museum Square Apartments about a notice posted in the building informing them that they’d have to come up with $250 million or lose their homes. It wasn’t a ransom note or a mob warning, but to the tenants in the Mount Vernon Triangle residence, it might [...]