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A Very Illegal Apartment Building Gets a Second Life

On the 700 block of Morton Street NW, a stretch of modest rowhouses, one building stands out. Set back from the street and reaching far higher than its neighbors, 723 Morton St. looks like it doesn't belong.
That's because it doesn't. The developer of the property received permits in 2004 for electrical, mechanical, and plumbing and [...]

Sherman Avenue Streetscape Project Is Officially Complete

After nearly three years, a whole lot of jackhammers, and a fair share of frustration, the city's overhaul of the Sherman Avenue NW streetscape is finally, officially over.
When Washington City Paper published its Answers Issue back in January, one reader wrote in with the question many residents of Columbia Heights and Pleasant Plains have been [...]

Grocery Invasion Continues: Natural Market Coming to 14th Street

Add one more to the grocery count. This morning, the Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration posted an application for a liquor license at a grocery store coming to 2400 14th St. NW, the upscale Capitol View apartment building. The store, called Natural Market, will feature "organic and locally grown produce, meats, nutritious foods, and eco household products," [...]

Barry Farm and Congress Heights Gentrifying? Not Quite.

The Washington Business Journal reported yesterday on a new study of 18 "gentrifying" neighborhoods—areas "whose median property value and federal adjusted gross income fell below the citywide average in 2001, and rose above it 10 years later." The paper writes, "Many are not what, or where, you’d think."
No, they're not. Columbia Heights? Petworth? Sure, I'll [...]

A Virtual Tour of Petworth’s Abandoned Hebrew Home

Adorned with timeworn stars of David and located a stone's throw from the crush of new restaurants and bars on 11th Street NW, the hulking, abandoned old Hebrew Home for the Aged looks out of place at 1125 Spring Road NW, on the Petworth-Columbia Heights border. Closer inspection doesn't yield many clues: The front doors [...]

SLIDESHOW: Z Burger and Why Sometimes You Don’t Need a Fence

This open space needs places for everyone to sit. Click for slideshow!

For the last year, Z Burger has been negotiating with Advisory Neighborhood Commission 1A about how it ought to be able to use the public space in front of the old Tivoli Theater in Columbia Heights. There are lots of particulars to the situation, [...]

Giant Bows to Popular Will, Opens All Cash Registers

Shoppers at the Columbia Heights Giant were greeted this evening with fantastic news: A flyer promising that all 19 cash registers will be open from 4:00 to 8:00 p.m., and a rotisserie chicken to anyone who finds one closed (unless it's "broken or offline"). Looks like all the whining about epic lines stretching back into [...]

24-Hour 11th Street: A “Dangerous Precedent”?

Margot's Chair, the latest offering from Tryst/Diner/Open City impresario Constantine Stavropoulos slated for the ground floor of refurbished condos at 11th and Monroe Street in Columbia Heights, has mostly made it through the regulatory meat grinder. The 250-seat, 7,000-square-foot hangout spot got a "voluntary agreement" with the local Advisory Neighborhood Commission that allows 24-hour operation [...]

Cardozo High Could Lose its Hillsides, Add Gyms

Cardozo High School in Columbia Heights is due for a renovation, and designers aren't thinking in half-measures: Initial architectural plans propose building two new gyms (a "natatorium" and a basketball court) on what are now grassy terraces flanking the historic building.
Eric Fidler reports that the large new gyms are necessary because the school was built [...]

Randolph Towers Heading Towards Foreclosure

Back in July, I wrote about a large building on Randolph and 14th Street NW that had tried to go through a tenant purchase before the real estate crash, got in way over its head with renovations, and ended up desperately trying to get renters to qualify for the city assistance and loans they needed [...]