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Concrete Details: La Casa in Columbia Heights Is a Rare Aesthetic and Policy Success

The best building that’s gone up in the District in recent months isn’t a swish law office or a deluxe condo tower.

The “Gentrification Myth” Myth

Gentrification doesn't exist. Also, it's good for the poor. That's the paradoxical argument we're hearing these days.

Can Anacostia Plan Redevelopment in Advance?

Now that some growth is coming to the neighborhood, residents hope to manage it.

Facing Big Rent Increase, Columbia Heights Tenants Gird for a Fight

On Sunday, Scott Lynch returned home from vacation to his Columbia Heights apartment building to find a packet in his mailbox informing him that his landlord wanted to increase his monthly rent by $991.55. Lynch, who's lived at 3501 13th St. NW "since 2007, when there were hookers out back," currently pays just more than $1,000 a month for [...]

D.C. Wants to Run More Circulator Bus Lines to More Neighborhoods

More red buses are coming! (Eventually, and at some significant costs per rider.)

City Proposes Affordable Housing for Former Hebrew Home

Ninety percent of the contentious project could go toward affordable housing.

Park View Development Serves as Reminder for Hebrew Home Decision

Here's a good point-counterpoint on residential development near the Petworth Metro station. The point came on Tuesday night, as residents of Columbia Heights and Petworth debated the future of the former Hebrew Home for the Aged at 1125 Spring Road NW. The vacant building and an adjacent one will become housing; the question is what [...]

Neighbors Back Affordable Housing for 1125 Spring Road, Despite Tensions

The impending redevelopment of a long-vacant city-owned former retirement home at the crossroads of Petworth and Columbia Heights threatened to bring out the latent divisions within the fast-changing neighborhood as residents gathered last night to discuss the building's future. Yet despite high tensions and frequent disagreements, the neighbors ultimately coalesced around a goal that's often thwarted [...]

The Architect of Columbia Heights’ Transformation Leaves a Complicated Legacy

When Bob Moore was recruited in 1988 to direct the Development Corporation of Columbia Heights, he surveyed the neighborhood and wasn't impressed with what he saw. There were "blocks and blocks of vacant houses," he told historian David Rotenstein in Becoming What We Can Be, a book of D.C. community development vignettes published in 2012 by the Local Initiatives [...]

The City’s Take on Its Booming Neighborhoods

Last week, I wrote about the D.C. neighborhoods with the fastest-rising home prices, according to the Washington DC Economic Partnership. Georgia Avenue/Walter Reed, Kennedy Street, and Fort Totten led the way, each experiencing 25 percent growth in home-sale prices between 2012 and 2013.
Now the city's come out with its official version, of sorts. As first [...]