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ANC on Colombian Hearts: “It’s disappointing that DDOT didn’t choose to send them our way.”

As promised, here's the last bit of news about the Colombian hearts campaign (for the foreseeable future at least). This story will appear in this week's edition of the Washington City Paper.
Sherri Kimbel noticed the first two hearts in Logan Circle last Wednesday.
Then, on Thursday, she spotted a third west of Thomas Circle while [...]

Colombian Hearts Protest Shots

This afternoon, I'm closing the book on this whole Colombian hearts story, which I've blogged about six times in the last week—but is getting a fair amount of traffic! So clearly the interest doesn't belong solely to me.
There will be two more posts: First up, some rather dramatic photos that were sent to me by [...]

Protest Against Colombian Hearts Starting Soon

I spent much of last Thursday and Friday reporting on the Colombia is Passion campaign, which has inundated our city with colorful heart statues.
Some say they're promoting tourism, and the country's culture and identity. Others say they're a manipulative push for the Colombian Free Trade agreement.
And those people are protesting—starting at 4:30, in front [...]