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As Expected, Mayor’s Agent OKs Cleveland Park Firehouse Renovations

Back in January, the Historic Preservation Review Board ruled that the doors of the Cleveland Park Firehouse—which has been closed since fall of 2010, awaiting renovations—were too historic to be changed for the 21st century's wider fire trucks. Much gnashing of teeth about putting historicity over neighborhood safety ensued.
As I noted, though, the board was [...]

New Firetrucks Don’t Fit in Old Firehouses. Why Can’t We Widen The Doors?

The Cleveland Park firehouse's too-narrow doors.

Fairly or not, historic preservation often gets pitted against other priorities: Energy efficiency, for example, and economic development. Lately, though, it's the ability to put out fires.
The problem is, federal environmental regulations passed in 2010 require certain bells and whistles—no, not literally—on the sides of fire engines, which makes them [...]

I Walk The Lane

In this week's column, Housing Complex looks at the issues surrounding a tricky service lane on Connecticut Avenue NW between Ordway and Macomb streets in Cleveland Park. To see just how dicey the narrow sidewalk can be for a pedestrian, we walked the length of the lane with a video camera in tow.
As [...]

Sidewalk of Shame

Connecticut Avenue from Chevy Chase to K Street NW bears some resemblance to a string of pearls: Long, empty stretches with large residential buildings, broken up by vibrant little commercial districts, usually clustered around a Metro station. Mimicking the shape of the streetcar suburbs that trace out from urban centers, most of them are fairly [...]

ISO Mechanical Horse and Freestanding Fishtank

Cleveland Park, blessed with the best listserv in the city, never fails to disappoint:

Scouting sites to film a commercial
Posted by: "carinebean"

Fri Jan 28, 2011 10:09 pm (PST)
I have a peculiar request. I am looking to film a commercial in the DC/metro area but am relatively new here and still don't know the area well [...]

Sale Watch: All the Cool Kids Live in Cleveland Park

Okay, that headline might be slightly disingenuous. But a couple of noteworthy home listings have shown up in that placid neighborhood lately.
First, I stumbled across this ad for 3703 Porter Street N.W., with the tantalizing blind item: "custom built for a prominent Washingtonian." As agent Hans Wydler describes it, it's a pretty special pad, with [...]

When Do D.C. Meter Maids Look the Other Way?

The natural answer to the above question is "never." Meter maids in D.C. never ever, ever, ever, ever miss the opportunity to slap you with a $30 ticket and a why-does-this-shit-always-happen-to-me-?-attitude  for the rest of the afternoon.
But that response is actually wrong. Sometimes, the ticketing officers relent, and it looks like they may be doing [...]

Why So Many Vacant Storefronts? Cleveland Park’s Got a Zoning Problem

Last week, we discussed vacant properties on U Street. This week, Cleveland Park's taking the hot seat.
As we reported in August, several prominent businesses—Starbucks, Magruder's, 7-Eleven, and others—have abandoned this comfy, prestigious neighborhood over the last year.  (Watch Jason Cherkis above prod innocent pedestrians with questions like: "Do you think you might be partly to blame for [...]

Final PUD Hurdles for the Cleveland Park Giant

So the Cleveland Park Giant PUD was approved. What now?
According to the Giant's website, "Once the Zoning Commission approves the PUD, we anticipate it will take about 3 years to complete construction of the entire project." And spokesperson Sharon Robinson estimates it will take about a year to obtain all the proper permits before [...]