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Council to Mayor: What’s it Take to Get a Competent Security Company?

So, typically, you feel safer when you know security guards will detect weapons on people entering a building they're assigned to protect, right? It's hard to have that kind of peace of mind with District schools and offices. Last year, the District fired security contractor Hawk One, which had a four-year record of poor supervision, [...]

Coming Soon to the Wilson Building: Pawn Shop Showdown

At 10:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, the City Council's Committee on Public Services and Consumer Affairs will hear testimony on an idea that could radically change the landscape for high-interest lending in the District: A bill that would cap the allowable interest rate for pawn shops at 24 percent, among the lowest rates in the country.
The [...]

City Council Postpones Vote on New Zoning Commission Chair

In its legislative meeting just now, the D.C. City Council voted to put off its decision on the confirmation of developer Stanley Wall to chair the Zoning Commission. A couple weeks ago, Councilman Phil Mendelson raised objections to the nomination of Wall, who would replace esteemed civic figure Anthony Hood, and reiterated them today.
"There is [...]

Budget Vote: Seniors Stage Sit-In at Wilson Building, Anti-Soda Taxers at the Barricades

Final budget negotiations are underway at the Wilson building, and this morning, advocates for a wide range of issues showed up to put a human face on their priorities.
The Save our Safety Net invasion of the Council's breakfast began shortly before 10:00 a.m., later dissolving into marching and chanting and signs. But it didn’t take [...]

The Housing Production Trust Fund is the New Social Security

Broke, that is.
Last week in budget hearings, housing advocates warned Councilmembers that the primary pot of money used to build and renovate affordable units in the District will be completely out of money by the end of this year.
A bit of wonky background: The Housing Production Trust Fund was created in 1989, but had no [...]

Renewable Energy On the Cutting Room Floor?

If solar energy in D.C. has a problem, it’s not enthusiasm. Three and a half years after a solar coop started in Mount Pleasant, they have over 50 roofs topped with panels, and new coops starting up in Capitol Hill, Petworth, Georgetown, Palisades, Shepherd Park, and Brookland.
One of the reasons behind the flurry of interest [...]