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D.C. Wants to Run More Circulator Bus Lines to More Neighborhoods

More red buses are coming! (Eventually, and at some significant costs per rider.)

Is the District Laying Groundwork for a New Transit Authority?

The District Department of Transportation issued a mysterious press release on Tuesday. "Megaproject Update," it said. "DDOT Preparing Request for Qualifications (RFQ) for an Integrated Premium Transit System and South Capitol Street Corridor Projects."
The South Capitol Street component was relatively straightforward: a $600 million project to upgrade two segments of the corridor. But the "integrated premium [...]

Park Service Seeks Temporary Replacement Tourmobile

Welcome to November, and the post-Tourmobile era! Well, sort of.
Although the operations of Landmark Services Tourmobile Inc. officially go kaput today, you probably haven't seen the end of those little blue trams. Why? Because in its solicitation for a temporary operator—responses due this Friday!—the National Park Service says that it "may provide" the ten 85-seaters [...]

Why the Circulator’s Going to Skyland: A Theory

Since last November, the District Department of Transportation has been thinking through ways to run a Circulator east of the Anacostia River. Their greatest ambitions were curtailed by the realization that they had only six buses to work with, which meant the route had to be shorter. So now, the route will go from the [...]

Streetcar Czar Leaves DDOT Post [UPDATE]

Well, leave it to Councilmember Tommy Wells to break the late night news: Scott Kubly, who has been in charge of the District Department of Transportation's Progressive Transportation Services Administration since 2009, is stepping down. Kubly is perhaps best known for his management of the streetcar, but his portfolio also includes the Circulator bus and [...]