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City Issues More Detailed Solicitation for Chuck Brown Park

Last month, the city settled on a conceptual design for the Chuck Brown Memorial Park in the Langdon neighborhood. The park, officials determined with the help of a design from the firm Marshall Moya, will not feature a large amphitheater, as earlier plans called for, or even the existing small amphitheater. Instead, there will be [...]

Behold, the New Chuck Brown Park!

Amid a healthy dose of controversy, Mayor Vince Gray and other city officials celebrated the groundbreaking of Chuck Brown Memorial Park this afternoon—not coincidentally, the late Brown's birthday. The park, located within Langdon Park, will not have a 900-seat amphitheater, as earlier planned. Nor will it have a 200-seat amphitheater, as later amended. In fact, it [...]

Chuck Brown Park Loses Its Amphitheater

First, the plans for Chuck Brown Park included a music pavilion with an amphitheater to seat more than 900 people. Then, amid complaints for neighbors, they got scaled back, with a 200-seat amphitheater.
Now, in the latest iteration of the plans, the amphitheater's gone altogether.
The Godfather of Go-Go died last year, and Mayor Vince Gray quickly [...]