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Does Sustainable D.C. Have a Race Problem?

This week, the District Department of the Environment issued its very visionary, very broad and sweeping plan to make D.C. the greenest city in the nation, as Mayor Vince Gray says over and over again. It was forged through dozens of meetings with volunteer committees, and hyped through advisory neighborhood commissions, community associations, and professional [...]

Do D.C. Residents Have Any Good Ideas on Sustainability?

Back in July, the District Department of the Environment and Office of Planning announced that they'd be embarking on a new sustainability strategy. They couldn't tell us what it would entail, exactly. That was supposed to come from you: Having designed a big old community engagement effort, OP director Harriet Tregoning said they were "crowdsourcing" [...]

Meet the New Boss: DDOE’s Christophe Tulou

Next up for new agency director question time is the District Department of the Environment's Christophe Tulou, who's actually been in charge for nearly a year now, but was one of the few Fenty administration picks to survive into the Vince Gray era. Last week, we sat down at DDOE's NoMa offices to talk solar [...]