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Chipotle on the Way to Glover Park

In a somewhat strange way to find out about a fast food restaurant opening, Chipotle's application for a special exception to put a store at 2338 Wisconsin Avenue NW, in Glover Park, shows up on the National Capital Planning Commission's tentative October agenda. Continuing its march through reliable lunch markets—most recently announcing a new space [...]

Chipotle Responds

Amid listserv chatter about boycotting Chipotle for giving Fairlawn the cold shoulder–even turning down the offer of free rent–a community member asked the burrito chain to explain itself. Chipotle's response is below.
Thank you for writing us! We've been watching this area for about three years now, and we're really happy to see the area changing. [...]

East of the River Woefully Underserved by Chipotle

Jonathan O'Connell's story today on the new Yes! Organic Market coming to Anacostia Fairlawn contained one mind-blowing nugget: Developer Tim Chapman offered retail space in the new 118-unit residential complex to Chipotle rent free. That's practically begging. Still, the burrito chain turned him down. And, verily, Chipotle has no locations outside of Northwest Washington, though [...]