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Catania, Gray Bills Aim to Prevent Future Museum Squares

A legal loophole allows building owners to charge exorbitant prices for tenants to remain in their apartments. Two proposals would address that.

Bull in Chinatown: Developer Tells Section 8 Tenants to Pay Up or Get Out

Last month, word spread among the residents of the Museum Square Apartments about a notice posted in the building informing them that they’d have to come up with $250 million or lose their homes. It wasn’t a ransom note or a mob warning, but to the tenants in the Mount Vernon Triangle residence, it might [...]

Douglas Development Adds to Its Chinatown Dominance

Let's name it Douglastown already and get it over with. Douglas Development—which owns much of F Street NW, the new Walgreens building directly adjacent to the Chinatown arch, and several other properties in and around Chinatown—has just increased its arsenal in the decreasingly Chinese neighborhood with an announcement this morning that it purchased 700 5th [...]

Slideshow: A Sneak Preview of the Chinatown Walgreens

A Walgreens opening isn't typically big news, but this one's generating more than the usual share of hoopla. The new flagship store opening Thursday at Chinatown's main intersection of 7th and H streets NW will feature three stories, a health clinic with two consultation rooms, a barista-operated "Upmarket Cafe," a smoothie bar, a frozen yogurt [...]

The No Luck Club: Three Films on Displacement in D.C.

On a given weekend night in Chinatown, there are probably more Vapiano diners or Lucky Strike bowlers than there are Chinese people. If you took away the iconic H Street arch and the gratuitous Chinese lettering on many of the businesses, most visitors would think they were in a typical downtown commercial district, not a [...]

Not in My Condo’s Backyard!

Folks who live in the District’s residential neighborhoods have a strong sense of entitlement to quiet, to parking, to darkness at night—all the things that come with the kind of house where you can have a driveway and a picket fence.
Living downtown is supposed to be different. This is the District’s public zone, after all, [...]

More Disneyfication Coming to Chinatown

Along with backing a gigantic new office building that will house international businesses at last night's U.S.-China Capital Cities Friendship Council gala, Mayor Vince Gray also expressed support for something dear to many people in the room: The continuing existence of a Chinatown in D.C.'s downtown core, which when he first became D.C. Council chairman, [...]

Chinatown Park Facelift to Get Started…In the Spring

The National Park Service has been planning to do something, sort of, with Reservation 72—otherwise known as Chinatown Park at 5th and I Streets NW—for about six years now. The Commission on Fine Arts signed off on the improvements back in 2004, after all. It's taken since then to secure permits and funding, and the [...]

Suggested Bus Routes

Chinatowns have been linked by bus lines for over a decade. The bus market has gotten more crowded in recent years, and now we have the so-called Hipster Express from U Street to Atlantic Terminal (now unpolluted by Manhattan!). But why stop there? Ours is an age of convenience. For you transportation entrepreneurs, we have a [...]

Eight Things Seattle Has That D.C. Could Have More Of

If you’ve been following me for the last week, you know that I’m a little bit in love with my hometown. Returning there after thinking about urbanism in D.C. reminded me of all the things that make Seattle a wonderful place to live, many of which are theoretically exportable to D.C. (i.e. not a marine [...]