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In Chevy Chase, Neighbors Rumble Over Rubble (Corrected)

When the previous owner of the home at 3823 Morrison St. NW passed away last year, it was sold to a developer. Built in 1914, the house was torn down last week, over some objections within the community.
Now the neighbors who tried, and failed, to keep it standing are hoping to use the demolition to push for a historic [...]

5333 Connecticut Project Sparks Chevy Chase Civil War

Yesterday I wrote about the fierce battle over a planned Chevy Chase development and predicted that last night's Advisory Neighborhood Commission meeting on the subject would get pretty heated. I was unable to attend, but fortunately The Georgetown Dish was, and it confirmed my suspicions, and then some.
To bring those who don't follow every detail of [...]

Chevy Chase’s Fiercest Development Battle Is Only Heating Up

Well this ought to be fun. I'll be moderating a panel on D.C. development tonight (come!), which means I'll be missing out on what promises to be a deliciously contentious Advisory Neighborhood Commission meeting. But I'd encourage anyone in the Chevy Chase neighborhood to stop by.
Here's the back story: Chevy Chase neighbors are very unhappy [...]

White Flint 2020 = Ballston 1990

Is Wisconsin Avenue a "Corridor"? Not yet, in the sense of having nodes of walkable residential town centers strung together by fairly continuous commercial development. Few office tenants would think of White Flint, Maryland as a viable alternative to Bethesda or Chevy Chase, which are favored by retail, restaurants, proximity to D.C., nice public spaces, [...]

School House Rock: Is Michelle Rhee becoming a force in D.C. real estate?

It’s a pretty commonly accepted principle in the real estate business: You buy as much house as you can afford. And then, unless you’re wealthy enough to support tens of thousands of dollars a year on your child’s education before they even fill out a college application, you buy the best school district you can [...]

New Friendship Heights Whole Foods Opening in 2010

View Whole Foods Triangle in a larger map
...Or as an alternative albeit too lengthy headline, I could have written "New Whole Foods to Create Upper Northwest Whole Foods Triumvirate."
Check that out above: Whole Foods is adding its third location on Wisconsin Avenue, and its third in the same little Bethesda/upper Northwest area.  The central one, [...]