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DCPS’ Biggest Challenge, in One Chart

Can D.C.'s public schools move past the sixth-grade cliff?

What Drives Public-School Demand? Location, Location, Location.

Nearly all of the most popular schools are west of Rock Creek Park or on Capitol Hill.

Charter School Could Move to Old Soldiers’ Home

The Armed Forces Retirement Home could soon see a substantial drop in the average age of its denizens, as Creative Minds International Public Charter School explores a move to the sprawling campus.
Creative Minds’ monthly newsletter for March says the school is working on leasing the Sherman Building, located on the campus, “for the 2014-2015 school [...]

Ten Charts That Explain D.C.’s School Problems

This week's cover story looks at the challenges facing Roosevelt High School, a school that by some measures is among the lowest performing in the District, yet whose surrounding neighborhood is by some measures the fastest gentrifying. The question is whether Roosevelt can ride Petworth's rising fortunes and attract its young families to a school [...]

D.C.’s Best and Worst Schools by Math and Reading Proficiency

So D.C.'s schools are improving: In the past year, D.C. Public Schools and public charter school students averaged a 3.9 percent increase in math proficiency and a 4.1 percent increase in reading proficiency, according to the 2013 District of Columbia Comprehensive Assessment System. Those are the biggest gains in the system since 2008.
“Our approach, with great educators [...]

Gray Emphasizes Continuity in First Education Address

In his first speech dedicated to education, Mayor Vince Gray refrained from laying out any dramatic new proposals, instead highlighting the city's recent successes in public education and stressing the need for continuity.
"The plans and proposals I share with you may not send out seismic shockwaves or make big headlines," Gray said this afternoon, "but [...]

Process for Charters to Inherit Vacant DCPS Buildings Gets a Wee Bit Easier

A year ago, my redoubtable predecessor chronicled the hurdles charter schools face when they try to move into vacant D.C. Public Schools buildings. The administration of ex-Mayor Adrian Fenty closed 23 DCPS schools, but managed to get around rules giving charters top priority on the buildings, and at least 18 were handed over to city [...]

Some Things You Need to Know About DCPS’ School-Closure Plans

So D.C. Public Schools is planning to close 20 of its schools. Below is a roundup of facts, figures, and graphics related to the news.

First, here's a map of the schools slated for closure:

The closures have something to do with the city's allocation of resources, as Ward 7 Councilmember Yvette Alexander says, but demographics also [...]

City Amends Rules for Charters to Take Over Vacant Schools

Back in June, Lydia wrote about D.C. charter schools' struggle to find classroom space. On the surface, conditions seemed favorable: Former Mayor Adrian Fenty's administration had closed 23 public schools, leaving what ought to have been ideal buildings for the charter schools to move into. But the byzantine process for procuring those buildings left the [...]

Schoolhouse Hunting

Almost immediately after she started Yu Ying public charter school in 2008, Mary Shaffner began looking for new space. Her Chinese immersion program had proven popular, and she wanted to add space to meet demand.
At first, the options looked good. School closings in that year had left buildings empty all around the District, and Shaffner [...]