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D.C. Area Is Losing Population to the Rest of America

The inner suburbs have it worst.

We Need More Housing. Lots More Housing.

We constantly hear about D.C.'s population growth—more than 1,000 new residents per month, as Gray administration officials are fond of reminding us—and the resulting threat to housing affordability. But what tends to get overlooked is the sheer challenge of actually building enough housing to accommodate all those new people over the next few decades.
A paper [...]

Commuting Trends Benefit D.C., Part II

I didn't get the memo, but apparently today is Commuter Data Day. First we had the Transportation Planning Board's eye-opening study showing a dramatic shift from car commutes to transit and bike commutes, and an increasing preference among D.C. workers for living in the District. Now that's joined by a similar study from the Center [...]

The Republican Office Space Premium?

Via GlobeSt, broker CBRE's research arm has put together a chart of how quickly Washington-area commercial real estate gets absorbed under Republican and Democratic rule. The results are pretty clear: The market does awesomely when the GOP's in charge.
Pinning down the reason for that is more difficult, though. The report's authors suggest, logically enough, that [...]