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Gretchen Pfaehler to Chair Historic Preservation Review Board

Historic Preservation Review Board chair Catherine Buell is stepping down to lead a city development project and will be replaced by HPRB member Gretchen Pfaehler.
Buell was appointed to the board in 2008 and became the first female HPRB chair in 2010. After two and a half years, she's leaving both HPRB and her paying job [...]

City Issues Call for St. Elizabeths East Developers

The development of the St. Elizabeths East Campus, arguably the most significant development project the city's likely to see in the next 10 years, is officially underway. The office of the Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development has just issued a Request for Expressions of Interest for four parcels of land on the former [...]

The Future of the Past

Every five years, D.C.’s Historic Preservation Office has to come up with a plan for the next five. A couple weeks ago, with another deadline looming, the staff called a public meeting to figure out what to do next.
This gathering, like many chitchats about safeguarding old buildings, was heavy on activists whose own ages also [...]

Year in Preview: D.C. Development in 2011, Before it Happens.

2010 was a big year for development in the District.
Capital markets unfroze, allowing a slew of stalled projects to break ground. Large empty spaces in the architecturally uninspired NoMa and Capitol Riverfront business improvement districts finally started to fill out. A Web-savvy smart growth constituency became a force in planning and politics, and car-centric suburbs [...]

Election Reverb! Preservationists and Planners “Jubilant” About Gray

I picked up on this after the penultimate campaign finance filing deadline, but it’s become more concrete recently: An ad-hoc collection of prominent preservationists and city planners are thrilled at the election of Vince Gray, and are hosting an after-the-fact fundraiser for him this Friday Thursday, September 30. Along with the Greater Greater Washington crew, [...]

Union Station Bike Transit Center Showered With Accolades

It's Architecture Week in D.C., which means that the city's blueprinters gather for more like two weeks of lectures, dinners, and awards sessions to celebrate each other. Last Friday, a panel of eminences picked out the year's standout projects in D.C. The Architectural Award for Excellence, as well an AIA Presidential Citation, went to KGP [...]

Catherine Buell on Keeping Preservation Cool

New Historic Preservation Review Board chairwoman Catherine Buell–whom I profiled a back in June–spoke with the D.C. Preservation League recently about where she sees preservation going and how the two entities can work better together. She had quite a bit to say about the image problem preservationists face, and how they should reach out to [...]

Preservation Reservations: The Board That Oversees Old Buildings Has a Young New Leader–Which Makes Veteran Preservationists Nervous

Standing across the street from an old, boarded-up house on Martin Luther King Avenue SE, Catherine Buell looks disapproving. “It’s almost like a smack in the face for the neighborhood,” she says, surveying the neglect. At ease under the blazing midday sun in a gauzy white top and pearl earrings, Buell­—a Patton, Boggs attorney who [...]

Buell in, Boasberg out at Historic Preservation Review Board

Jonathan O'Connell is reporting that Historic Preservation Review Board chair Tersh Boasberg, who for the last ten years served as the guardian of D.C.'s architectural heritage, has stepped down pending the expiration of his term on July 21st. Before taking over HPRB, Boasberg chaired the Zoning Commission, and oversaw the rezoning of a huge [...]