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Bricks and Mortarboard: Can New Buildings Turn Around D.C.’s Public Schools?

As class let out last Monday, the scene outside Dunbar High School felt like the close of a typical school day. Teenagers in black polos streamed into the street, where friends and family waited. A security guard urged them along, shouting repeatedly, “C’mon, let’s clear the front. Let’s go. Let’s go!”
But there was an extra [...]

Back to School With Mayor Gray and Chancellor Henderson

It's 8:15 in the morning, and children are streaming into Powell Elementary School. They return the Spanish-language greetings of Principal Janeece Docal, and gamely give high-fives to the strange, grinning woman with an outstretched palm at the Petworth school's entrance.
The woman is D.C. Public Schools Chancellor Kaya Henderson, and Powell is her first stop on a [...]

Garage Banned: Can D.C.’s Public Transit Future Take a Cue from Its Past?

History in the District can move in circles. Once-vibrant neighborhoods emerge from decades of poverty and again find themselves at the center of the city’s attention. The heroes of the past find their names on shiny new condo buildings. The streetcar, until 50 years ago a centerpiece of Washingtonians’ daily lives, makes a comeback. And [...]

Cardozo High Could Lose its Hillsides, Add Gyms

Cardozo High School in Columbia Heights is due for a renovation, and designers aren't thinking in half-measures: Initial architectural plans propose building two new gyms (a "natatorium" and a basketball court) on what are now grassy terraces flanking the historic building.
Eric Fidler reports that the large new gyms are necessary because the school was built [...]

DCPS Taking Sophisticated Approach to School Re-Designs

Over the years, DC public schools have become condos, luxury gyms,  police substations and city government office headquarters. Just last June, Michelle Rhee had another 23 schools closed.
But it's good to know that all these business-owners, developers, and city government reps aren't the only ones pouring money into school buildings—DCPS seems to be making [...]