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Behold, New Streetcar Barn Renderings!

Speaking of things Ward 5 is looking to get rid of: On Thursday, the U.S. Commission of Fine Arts reviewed new plans for the proposed streetcar barn on the campus of the soon-to-close-for-renovations Spingarn High School. Which means we get to take a look at some new renderings.
The District Department of Transportation's original design was [...]

How Would a Spingarn HS Closure Affect the Streetcar Barn on the Site?

One of the names of the schools targeted for closure by DCPS will jump out at anyone following the city's streetcar battles: Spingarn High School. The District Department of Transportation is planning to build a streetcar barn and training facility on the Ward 5 school's campus, over fierce objections from some neighbors. There are two [...]

Behold, Streetcar Barn Renderings!

That super-controversial proposed streetcar barn at Spingarn High School? We finally have some sense of what it might look like. Take a look at some renderings from the Historic Preservation Review Board's review of the plans:

Garage Banned: Can D.C.’s Public Transit Future Take a Cue from Its Past?

History in the District can move in circles. Once-vibrant neighborhoods emerge from decades of poverty and again find themselves at the center of the city’s attention. The heroes of the past find their names on shiny new condo buildings. The streetcar, until 50 years ago a centerpiece of Washingtonians’ daily lives, makes a comeback. And [...]