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Lower Barracks Row Wants to Boost its Height Limit

In some parts of the city, building heights are limited to 90 feet, in others to 130 feet, by Congressional decree. But some areas have been kept even lower with self-imposed zoning overlays, and one of them—8th Street SE below the freeway—has outgrown its usefulness, says a “visioning report” put out by local organizations.
At the [...]

Dreaming of Independent Bookstores on the Capitol Riverfront

While at the Anacostia River Business Summit yesterday, I picked up a promotional poster for ForestCity Washington's slow-moving Yards project. One of the renderings included a large retail tenant: Something called Literati Books, which appears to exist only in a suburb of Perth, Australia. I applaud the spirit of their aspirations–if they could pull off [...]

Capitol Riverfront BID Aims for 3,000 Residents in 2010

Click on the image to see it enlarged in another screen. (The chart is from the Capitol Riverfront BID's "State of the Capitol Riverfront" report.)
All hail the Peeps.
The Capitol Riverfront—otherwise known as the Nationals Park area—is still struggling for name recognition. But it had a number of successes this year, including hosting the area's tenth [...]

Capitol Riverfront Gets New Restaurant, Several New City Agencies

The view from Capitol Riverfront's 55 M Street, which just signed its first tenant.
The Capitol Riverfront hastened its slow trickle of tenants and businesses during the last few weeks. On Friday, Mayor Adrian Fenty announced that the city would be taking over a building, located at 225 Virginia Ave. SE on the northern border [...]

Harris Teeter Coming to the Capitol Riverfront?

Apparently, I missed this tasty news bite: Harris Teeter has signed a letter of intent to open a store in the Capitol Riverfront area (otherwise known as Navy Yard/the Nationals Park neighborhood), the Washington Business Journal reported on Monday. 

City Selects New Advisor for Poplar Point

It's been six months since Clark Realty pulled out of the Poplar Point project—the massive development that was supposed make  Ward 8 "a destination point for people in the metropolitan area," as fervent local activist Philip Pannell put it. 
And it's been roughly the same amount of time since D.C. United started eyeing locations outside Poplar [...]

Artomatic Provides Panoramic View of Creeping Progress at Capitol Riverfront

The great thing about Artomatic is that it often introduces people to construction-heavy neighborhoods where there's not much going on otherwise.
Last year, the event was held in NoMa. This year, it's in the Capitol Riverfront, home to Nationals Park and...that Five Guys that President Barack Obama visited recently.

More on the Park at The Yards

As Housing Complex reported earlier, today was the groundbreaking for The Park at the Yards, a 5.4 acre, $42 million park on the Anacostia in Capitol Riverfront.
According to the city's announcement, the space will include "a riverfront promenade, vast open lawns for community gatherings and outdoor events, gardens with benches and colorful plants, a [...]

Groundbreaking for 5.4-acre Capitol Riverfront Park Tomorrow

Slowly but surely, the Capitol Riverfront is taking steps to become a place where people want to picnic, stroll, throw Frisbees, and do other riverfront activities that are drawn into artistic renderings.
Tomorrow, another big project is underway. At 10:30 a.m., the groundbreaking will be held for The Park at the Yards, a 5.4-acre park overlooking [...]

Capitol Riverfront Now Has 1,584 Residents

Yeah, I'm not sure how to react to that number either. I mean 1,584 residents...Is that just super? Or is that terrible? The Capitol Riverfront Business Improvement District says that this is the estimated population within their boundaries, as of their latest newsletter dated May 7, 2009.