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For Volunteers Counting the Homeless, Striking Out Means Success

Two hours of wandering around Capitol Hill found no homeless residents on the street.

Roadside Will Rebuild Frager’s Hardware, With Residential Addition

A year after Frager's Hardware on Capitol Hill was destroyed by a fire, Roadside Development announced today that it is purchasing the store's century-old home to build a renovated space for Frager's topped by new residences.
Frager's has operated out of temporary locations on the Hill while its owner, John Weintraub, sought a development partner to rebuild the [...]

Court Allows Hine School Development to Move Forward

The D.C. Court of Appeals today rejected arguments from neighbors against the planned 158-unit residential development on the site of the former Hine School, allowing the controversial Capitol Hill development to move forward.
A group of neighbors had appealed a March 8, 2013 decision by the Zoning Commission to approve the application of the development team, [...]

D.C.’s “Smallest Tiniest Dinkiest” House Could Be Yours for $1,200 a Month

Downsizing is the name of the game these days, but with the city's tiniest houses not yet eligible for actual residency, a true microdwelling can be hard to come by. Fortunately, a house on Capitol Hill has you covered.
A Craigslist ad was posted yesterday for a house—a full house, mind you, not a basement or [...]

Census Porn: D.C. Gets Whiter, Denser

Housing Complex likes data. Today we got some, in the form of a special report from the Census Bureau that compares the 2000 and 2010 censuses. Here are the (few) bits that relate to D.C.
Of all metropolitan areas, the D.C. region had the fifth-largest increase in people "downtown," defined as the area within two miles [...]

Broken Windows Theory

When Unity of Washington outgrew its Romanesque Revival building on Capitol Hill, it wasn’t easy to sell. D.C. doesn’t have much of a market for used churches; many congregations have followed their worshippers to the suburbs over the years. The 107-year-old church at 7th and A streets NE had good bones and a graceful presence. [...]

School’s Out

From the outside, the former Buchanan School at 13th and D streets SE looks like it’s been abandoned and never put back to use. The massive, four-building campus has no activity during the day, and a few windows lit up at night are the only indication of what goes on inside. It’s not an uncommon [...]

Pillbox Apartments: Part of Capitol Hill’s Specialty Hospital Going Residential

Specialty Hospital of Washington at 8th and Constitution Avenue NE is a weird one: A big office building in the middle of a residential neighborhood, with pretty much nothing going on during the weekends. While the northern half of the building is a nursing facility with 60 beds, the southern half has been lightly used [...]

Ward Wars

There’s a knock-down, drag-out fight inthe Wilson Building over redistricting, and politically active residents are incensed that they’ll be moved from one ward to another.
“For some, this may seem a logical, easy solution,” says a member of one affected Advisory Neighborhood Commission. “I call it racial gerrymandering and believe it is detrimental to east of [...]

Church Flight on Capitol Hill!

Another church building flips! After 1350 Maryland Avenue NE, the Peoples Church on Barracks Row, and 700 A Street NE either went on the market or have sold, the congregation of Mount Joy Baptist Church at 514-518 4th Street SE is lighting out for Prince Georges County. Altus Realty Partners–the same company that's doing 20-condominium [...]