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Capitol Hill Crusader Dick Wolf Passes Away

Capitol Hill has lost one of its old guard: Dick Wolf, who served as president of the Capitol Hill Restoration Society in the late 1970s and from 2005 until 2009, died on Sunday of pancreatic cancer.
Wolf moved to Capitol Hill in 1969, after his neighbors had fought off a highway being plowed through the neighborhood, and [...]

Case Against Heritage Foundation’s Third Story Dismissed On Technical Grounds

For over a year now, interested parties have been waiting for the D.C. Court of Appeals to rule on whether or not the Mayor's Agent for historic preservation had erred in allowing the Heritage Foundation to add a third story to its historic building on Pennsylvania Avenue SE. The case had all sorts of implications [...]

Nancy Metzger and Historic Preservation’s Public Relations Problem

At last week's confirmation hearing for Historic Preservation Review Board nominees, preservation groups and hyperlocal elected officials—even the board's former chairman, Tersh Boasberg—lined up to support the appointment of Nancy Metzger, who's been the Capitol Hill Restoration Society's point person on preservation for 16 years now. She's a fierce advocate for historic districts around the [...]

All-New Historic Preservation Review Board Nominees, Same As the Old Ones

Way back in April, I received word that Mayor Vince Gray had picked his nominees for the Historic Preservation Review Board. And then...nothing. No official nominations, to the tremendous frustration of the historic preservation community, as all but two of the board members' terms expired, and board meetings sometimes even went without a quorum. I [...]

Is 90 Feet Too Tall For Pennsylvania Avenue?

All the judgments are in on preliminary designs for the former Hine Jr. High School, as interested parties ready themselves for its hearing before the Historic Preservation Review Board next week. They all have various issues with the architectural quality of the designs, which will be refined over the coming months. But the most fundamental [...]

HPRB Nominees Are In: Two Old, One Predictable, One Dark Horse

The recommendations were made, and now word's gone out to people in the preservation world: Mayor Vince Gray has settled on his picks to replace four members of the powerful Historic Preservation Review Board. A couple of them will make the confirmation process particularly interesting.
Two of the Gray's nominees are actually already on the board: [...]

Strict Constructionists: Is the Heritage Foundation a threat to historic preservation?

Over the last year and a half, a narrow, two-story building at 227 Pennsylvania Ave. SE—built as a grocery store in 1887 and boarded up since a fire in 2007—has undergone a dramatic transformation. Original brickwork has been restored. The doors are painted French blue, with the name of the occupant in bronze above them. [...]

Should We Care About Views of Union Station?

In today's Post, Jonathan O'Connell sums up the squabble between Akridge and preservation groups over the definition of "sidewalk": That is, from where the developer should be able to measure the 130 feet prescribed by the federal Height Act for its Burnham Place project over the tracks leading into Union Station. Akridge–with the Office of [...]