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New Yorker Grudgingly Admits Capital Bikeshare Is Awesome

"New York is not D.C., and thank god for that," writes Lauren Evans in a post on Gothamist today. But New York will soon be getting a new bike share program—about which Evans has been "as skeptical ... as anyone"—and so she reluctantly* made the trip down to the District to see what Capital Bikeshare [...]

This Is What a Parking Exemption Is Worth

Tonight's a big night for Tenleytown. After a year of neighborhood debate, ANC 3E is set to vote on the Douglas Development proposal for a six-story mixed-use building on the site of the defunct Babe's Billiards at Wisconsin Avenue and Brandywine Street NW. The development, as I laid out in my column last week, is [...]

New York Gets Bikeshare For Free, Still Charges Through The Nose

From the annals of everything's more expensive in New York: The Big Apple's new bikeshare system, which uses the same operator and same bikes as D.C.'s, will be mostly paid for by Citibank—hence the blue color scheme and "CitiBike" moniker—with Mastercard picking up the rest. You might consider the $41 million contribution a small thankyou for [...]

Capital Bikeshare Rolls Out Homeless Pilot

First, the District Department of Transportation tried to reach the not-so-rich through a partnership with D.C.'s banking program, giving discounted memberships to people who sign up for a debit or credit card. Now, they're partnering with a nonprofit to try helping out more people who could really use some low-cost transportation: The homeless.
Not just any [...]

The Week That Was

Did anything actually happen in Housing Complex world while everyone was busy recapping the last year and ringing in the next? Not much, but a few stories of note. Herewith, a review.

The Czech company that made D.C.'s first three streetcars has appealed the District's decision to award a contract for the next pair to a [...]

Bikeshare: More of a Tourist Thing Than I Realized

Back in July, we noticed that Capital Bikeshare ridership was starting to level off, after its meteoric rise through the spring. Well, it started declining the next month, and kept going, from a high of 143,511 trips in July to 99,552 trips in November. That, even though the system continued to gain hundreds of annual [...]

DDOT to Takoma: No Bikeshare For You! (Yet)

Yesterday's neighborhood roundup featured some consternation from a Brightwood resident over the District Department of Transportation telling the developers of an apartment complex next to the Takoma metro station that they couldn't do what lots of developers have been doing lately and pay for a Bikeshare station as part of their project. The frustration is [...]

Bikeshare Ridership Inflects

Running one of the United States' first big bike sharing systems was always going to be a roller coaster ride in the first year, with no way to forecast how many people might want to hop aboard in any given month. But with the help of the Capital Bikeshare dashboard, we can at least tell [...]

Nerds Rejoice: The CaBi Dashboard is Here!

If you're the kind of person who gets off on having lots of data about how systems work, you'll want to futz around with the District Department of Transportation's latest toy: A graphing application for dozens of metrics about Capital Bikeshare, from ridership to membership to servicing.
In the future, I'd love to be able to [...]

Next Wave of D.C. Cycling Infrastructure Will Be Pushy

To hear the District's biggest bike boosters tell it, cycling is on the right track—and four-wheeled road users are going to have to share a lot more of it soon.
Here's the background: infrastructure tailored specifically for cyclists has grown exponentially since 2001, when then-Mayor Anthony Williams set out to make D.C. a bike-friendly city. The [...]