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More Campus Plans! Catholic University Looks to Densify, Gallaudet to Open Up

With the University of the District of Columbia, American and Howard Universities' 10-year campus plans all put to bed, and Georgetown's to be dispatched shortly, just a few of D.C.'s major academic institutions remain in this cycle of campus plans: Catholic and Gallaudet. The Ward 5 schools have historically had better relations with their surrounding [...]

How to Understand D.C.’s Town Gown Complex

If for some reason you read just this blog and not the rest of the paper, allow me to director your attention to this week's cover story by Shani Hilton, which cuts through the noise and puts together a unified field theory of why wealthy universities fight with their wealthy neighbors. I particularly enjoyed this [...]

Catholic’s Campus Plan: Organize! Pedestrianize! Densify!

The Zoning Commission has dispatched the University of the District of Columbia's campus plan, is almost through hearings on Georgetown and American University's plans, and will soon take up Howard's. Next up after that: Catholic University, which is now in the early stages of planning what it might look like a decade from now.
It's an [...]