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Fiber-Optical Illusion

Last week, Mayor Vince Gray stopped by the Montana Terrace housing development to celebrate a milestone in a project that he tweeted was “helping to bridge the digital divide.” The nonprofit One Economy Corporation had recently finished wiring eight D.C. low-income housing developments—totaling 1,435 units—with high-speed Internet connections, using the Internet service provider Clear. According [...]

Marbury Plaza Saga Ends With Release of Rents–Maybe

A year ago, we checked in with Marbury Plaza, the gigantic set of residential towers on Good Hope Road SE that were supposed to improve dramatically after a years-long rent strike over poor housing conditions, which led to a new management company under a settlement brokered by the District's attorney general. Things were getting better, [...]

Bread for the City Overflows

Bread for the City's expanded Northwest center and medical clinic on 7th Street in Shaw formally cut the ribbon today–with the usual dignitaries in attendance–and the place was so full I could barely fit in the door. For more info, check out the ample press coverage.

Bread for the City Gets a Bigass Sign

The neighborhood services non-profit just big-time branded its new headquarters in Shaw. Don't ask me, ask them.
Photo from flickr user Bread for the City.

Give Lease a Chance: D.C. Council and the Courts Square Off on Tenants’ Rights.

Objection!: Landlord attorney Hessler says speedy creation of a new court is not practical.
Every weekday morning at 9 a.m., D.C. landlord and tenant court begins with a mind-numbing exercise: roll call. The clerk stands up front and reads the names.
Some landlords grasp little satchels and clunky brief cases and nervously respond when called; lost-looking tenants [...]