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The Apartment Iceberg Cometh

It's not news by now that developers and landlords are on edge about the wave of new housing stock that will hit next year, after a long drought (that graph at right pretty much sums up the situation). They're just getting even more strident about it.
"Whenever I have the opportunity of speaking nationally, I tell people [...]

Bozzuto Moving on 460 New York Avenue

Hey, another project comes off the shelf! Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner Rachelle Nigro reports on her Facebook page:
460 NY Ave., the unsightly old brick federal building, has officially begun to take shape. I received a call last night from the developer Bozutto. Tentative plans are for a 63 unit condo building. The building [...]

Mixed-use Development and a Bike Trail, Too: Rhode Island Avenue-Brentwood is Looking Up

The Rhode Island Ave.-Brentwood metro stop has some dubious distinctions. According to WMATA’s February Safety and Security report, it’s one of the ten most dangerous stations in the system. Situated behind a shopping center full of big-box stores and a sprawling parking lot, its entry point is the south side of busy Rhode [...]

Hine School Plan 1: The Looks Familiar Plan

Last night, four developers—finalists whittled down from a group of ten—presented plans for projects on the site of Hine Junior High School, down the street from Eastern Market.
The Looks Familiar Plan (Presentation PDF)
The Bozzutto Group/Scallan Properties/Lehr Jackson Associates/E.R. Bacon Development, LLC/Blue Skye Development/CityStrategy, LLC

Last night, I was wracking my brain trying to figure out [...]