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Private Van Service Aims to Bridge the Gap Between Metro and Uber

Bridj will launch in D.C. this spring.

What Should D.C. Learn From Other Cities’ Inclusionary Zoning? (Not Much.)

It seems to be in vogue these days to attack inclusionary zoning. Josh Barro did it yesterday in Business Insider. Georgetown Business Improvement CEO Joe Sternlieb did it in our recent "How to Fix Everything" issue. And the low-income housing group Manna is out with a new report highlighting everything that's wrong with D.C.'s IZ program.
On [...]

Just How Transient is D.C.? Depends How You Count

Each summer brings a familiar sense of malaise for young D.C. professionals, as a sizable chunk of their friends decamp for New York or grad school or elsewhere, never to return. The District sometimes feels full of 22- and 23-year-olds on a two-year layover between college and whatever comes next.
But just how transient is D.C.? [...]