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Both D.C. Borders Stores Closing Up Shop

Borders Books and Music filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy this morning, and will close 200 stores–including its branches at 18th and L Street and in Friendship Heights. Good thing you got your mourning (or shrugging) over with early.

If Borders Folds, Should We Mourn?

Borders Books and Music is in trouble. It's not done well in the rough-and-tumble world of online bookselling, and according to the people who follow such things, is meeting with investors as we speak to decide how it'll downsize. Signs are not good; the company already announced it would be closing one warehouse, and it's [...]

The White House Dead Zone

Jonathan O'Connell's scoop this morning that the 14th and F Street Borders would be replaced by a 35,000-square-foot restaurant includes this bit of insight from a downtown broker:
Broker Bill Miller, senior vice president at Transwestern Retail, which represents Shorenstein, said he expects the deal to rejuvenate a part of town that has been sapped by [...]

Dreaming of Independent Bookstores on the Capitol Riverfront

While at the Anacostia River Business Summit yesterday, I picked up a promotional poster for ForestCity Washington's slow-moving Yards project. One of the renderings included a large retail tenant: Something called Literati Books, which appears to exist only in a suburb of Perth, Australia. I applaud the spirit of their aspirations–if they could pull off [...]