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Gray Nominates Newbie to Board of Zoning Adjustment

Board of Zoning Adjustment chairwoman Meridith Moldenhauer's term expired a few months ago, and Mayor Vince Gray just came up with a replacement, according to a source [UPDATE: And confirmed by the Office on Boards and Commissions]: Rashida MacMurray, currently a manager at Deloitte and most recently an associate attorney at the local real estate law [...]

Zoning Board Rules on the Stadium Club: No Sex Here!

For over a year now, a group calling itself the Ward 5 Improvement Association has been fighting the steak-and-strippers Stadium Club's certificate of occupancy, saying that the establishment on Queens Chapel Road NE is operating as a "Sexually Oriented Business Enterprise" without proper permission. Not only is it a strip club, the citizens have argued, [...]

Zoning Board Rules Against Mt. Pleasant Library Expansion

This ran in last week's Northwest Current, but since you probably didn't pick up the dead-tree-only paper, a below-the-fold article bears re-blogging: The Board of Zoning Adjustment, which had previously deadlocked over whether to allow a rear expansion of the Mt. Pleasant Library, tipped against it earlier this month with new board member Lloyd Jordan [...]

In Zoning Changes, Timing Matters

If the word "zoning" makes your eyes glaze over, get yourself some coffee or something and try to focus for a second.
Here's the thing: For a few years now, the Office of Planning has been working on revamping the rules that govern how the city looks and feels. Regulations that dictate how many parking spaces [...]

“McMansions” Rising in Woodley Park

After all the sound and fury over the summer about the subdivision of a lot on the corner of 29th and Garfield Streets NW in Woodley Park, the neighbors' last-ditch appeal before the Board of Zoning Adjustment was denied, and the first of two giant single-family homes is underway–a reminder that neighborhood opposition can't stop [...]

New Chinese Chancery is Good to Go

Last week, the Board of Zoning Adjustment signed off on a massive replacement of the Chinese Embassy residence and chancery building at 2300 Connecticut–the abandoned-looking hulk just south of the bridge, with lion statues out front. The Intowner summarized the proposal back in September: Increased security requirements made the old Windsor Park Hotel unsuited to [...]

Bladensburg Road to Amsterdam: Is There Really a “Red Light District” In Ward Five?

The Board of Zoning Adjustment was scheduled to render a decision this week on one of the higher-ick-factor cases to come before it in recent months: Whether the Zoning Administrator had erred in issuing a standard Certificate of Occupancy to the Stadium Club, a steak-and-strippers joint off Bladensburg Road NE. A group called the Ward [...]

Kingdom of Sweden Can Finally Rent its Top Floors

Sweden's U.S. headquarters, an arctic-looking building on the Georgetown waterfront, is unique among D.C. embassies: It hosts events, holds not one but two countries (Iceland shacked up with its larger neighbor), and welcomes the public into its exhibitions of modernist art. Its mission states: "As a physical representation of Swedish values such as openness, transparency [...]

More Moves in the Battle of Garfield Street

Yesterday, I got a couple of distress calls from the vicinity of 2910 Garfield Street N.W., the large corner lot in Woodley Park slated for subdivision into two gigantic single-family homes by the Chevy Chase-based Zuckerman Partners. Even after enlisting Councilmember Mary Cheh and getting a letter opposing the development signed by almost half the [...]

Tabard 2, Bender 0: N Street Follies Rejected by Board of Zoning Adjustment

Morton Bender's plan for a giant hotel on N Street heard its verdict before the Board of Zoning Adjustment this morning, and Housing Complex just heard that its application for a special exception to establish a boutique hotel–which the Office of Planning had recommended be approved–was instead denied. This comes only a couple of weeks [...]