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Bloomingdale Residents Furious Over Tunnel Construction Plans

After Bloomingdale got walloped by flooding from storms last year, DC Water came up with a medium-term fix that involves digging a Metro-sized tunnel under First Street NW between now and 2016 to store stormwater. Now, residents of one block in the neighborhood are finding that the solution's as bad as the problem.
Flagler Place NW [...]

War of Addition

Earlier this year, a three-story addition rose up above a two-story rowhouse like “a big middle finger” to its V Street NW neighbors. That was how the website DCist described it at the time. Commenters on the PoPville blog were less charitable. “So freakin’ ugly,” wrote one. “HIDEOUS! How’s this legal?” asked another. “There was [...]

Changes to McMillan Design Fail to Win Over Loudest Skeptics

Earlier this week, UrbanTurf published a couple of renderings of the new design for a big park at the McMillan sand filtration site along North Capitol Street. The latest scheme from Vision McMillan Partners address some neighborhood concerns, replaces a 3.4-acre park at the center of the site with a 6.2-acre park at the southern [...]

Is Bloomingdale Ready for Sandy?

Just as I was about to call Ward 5 Councilmember Kenyan McDuffie to ask about preparations in flood-prone Bloomingdale for Hurricane Sandy, his office beat me to the punch with a press release.
“We’re taking this storm very seriously in my office,” stated McDuffie, who has led storm response efforts in Ward 5 on four separate [...]

It’s Not Easy Getting Green

Walking through the streets of NoMa these days, you get the sense you’ve stepped into a well-played game of SimCity. Crisp and glassy, it’s a commercial zone, to be sure, and a strategically placed one: It’s served by three major thoroughfares, two Metro stations, all the regional and Amtrak train lines passing through Union Station, [...]

Extra Park Space for McMillan? Not in My Reservoir

In response to my post yesterday on the controversy over the development of the McMillan Sand Filtration Site, a number of readers commented that the community desire for additional park space could be satisfied by incorporating a portion of the McMillan reservoir area across First Street NW. The reservoir and its surrounding green space are [...]

D.C.’s Biggest Development Project: Gone Today, Here Tomorrow?

Twenty-five years ago, the D.C. government paid $9.3 million for a 25-acre site along North Capitol Street that it hoped to develop into a mixed-use community. And for a quarter century, the McMillan Sand Filtration Site has sat fenced off and vacant, a waste of valuable space that leaves most passersby wondering about the vaguely [...]

Broadband of Brothers: D.C.’s new fiber optic network will need lots of small fries to step up.

Like many new things in Bloomingdale, the plan to create a neighborhood-wide free wireless Internet cloud involves Big Bear Café at 1st and R streets NW. But where the café’s liquor license fight highlighted divisions within the gentrifying neighborhood, this plan began with a whiskey-fueled conversation about how to transcend them.
“A [...]

The Great Reset: McMillan has Bedeviled Developers for Decades. Can the Latest Try be the Last?

There have been so many plans for development of the McMillan Sand Filtration Site that if you put them together in a slideshow, it might make for a dramatic film—except with no clear heroes or villains, and no happy ending. Yet, at least.
The most recent main characters are trying to provide one. In their first [...]

New Neighborhood: FRINJ?

The District has its share of made-up neighborhood names in between established areas–just ask the Borderstan folks–and Housing Complex just received a novel suggestion for another. You know the intersection of Florida, Rhode Island, and New Jersey Avenues? Reader David Feinstein, who works for the brand consulting firm Beveridge Seay, thinks it doesn't quite fit [...]