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D.C. Wins as Commuter Landscape Changes

This afternoon, the National Capital Region Transportation Planning Board presented a new study of commuting patterns in the D.C. area. The findings quantify what we can all see around us: The share of people commuting by cars is dropping, while transit use and biking are skyrocketing.
Here are a few of the numbers for the region [...]

Zoning Commission Chairman: No One Bikes to the Grocery Store

The Babe's Billiards saga continued last night with a hearing before the Zoning Commission, which adjourned after several hours and will continue Monday. As usual, there was a contingent of neighbors opposed to the parking-free Tenleytown development, and the local Advisory Neighborhood Commission reiterated its support for the plan. With ANC backing, odds of approval [...]

For D.C.’s Bikers, More Cushion for the Pushin’

"If you build it, they will come." It's the go-to quote among optimists in development circles, used in discussions of everything from parks to neighborhoods to retail centers. But when it comes to D.C.'s bike infrastructure—that's how Jim Sebastian of the District Department of Transportation used it at a media luncheon yesterday on the city's bike [...]

Meet the New Anacostia Riverwalk Trail: Soon to Be Gap-Free!

The Anacostia Riverwalk Trail is one of the city's greatest resources for bikers. It also has a nasty habit of disappearing without warning—on a recent ride, I suddenly found myself approaching a ramp that simply ended in midair (similar to what Mike Daisey describes witnessing in China, only, you know, real).
Anyway, today the trail is [...]

Bike Lanes Under the Microscope

If you've biked across U Street at 16th Street lately, or along the 15th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue cycletracks, you might have been stopped by someone who handed you a postcard with a link to a survey site about what it's like to use the new contraflow lanes that sometimes take a while to figure [...]

Ray LaHood Goes Gaga for Union Station Bike Center

Ray LaHood—or whoever writes Ray LaHood's official blog Fast Lane—loves Union Station's spiffy, new bike station.
The U.S. Secretary of Transportation says the new facility is "a model example of the kind of sustainable mobility President Obama's Livable Communities initiative seeks."
The bike station, which was in the works for ages, finally opened up last Friday. It [...]

Best Bike Lane Ever?

As I may or may not have whined about in the past, urban biking freaks me out.
I do timidly pedal around on occasion. But I lack the bravery and well-honed sense of when to break the rules that others possess. (See Mike DeBonis's "Cyclists: How to Be a Sensible Scofflaw")