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On D.C.’s Entitled “Bike Terrorists”

On Monday, I joined Veronica Davis, a self-described "Jill of all trades" whose many roles include transportation planner and co-founder of the organizing and advocacy group Black Women Bike, for a bicycle trip through Ward 7. Davis commutes between her office downtown and her home in Fairfax Village, a quiet residential community by the Maryland border, [...]

This Is the Fastest Way to Get From A to B in D.C.

Trying to figure out the best transportation mode to reach your D.C. destination? Looking for a new place to live, but want to make sure it's easy to get around from there by public transit or bike? MIT's You Are Here project has you covered.
I already gave this project a mention in my Morning Links earlier this week, [...]

Ambitious Transportation Plan Aims to Predict the Future and Learn From the Past

I'm the only reporter who's shown up to the media briefing at the District Department of Transportation, but we're 10 minutes past the scheduled start time, so DDOT spokesman Reggie Sanders tells the department officials to get things rolling. "Some of the other reporters are stuck in traffic," he says.
DDOT aims to change that. Its MoveDC plan, [...]

Plan Calls for Congestion Pricing, More Bike Lanes, and Expanded Transit for D.C.

Congestion pricing downtown. A vastly expanded network of bike lanes. Streetcar and bus routes with dedicated lanes. A parking system more tailored to demand. Lanes reserved for high-occupancy vehicles and toll-payers on major thoroughfares.
If the city's transportation network evolves as the District Department of Transportation hopes it will, these could all soon be a reality.
DDOT [...]

D.C. Bike Commuting More Than Doubled in a Decade

The war on cars appears to be succeeding. (Kidding! There is no war on cars.) According to a report today from the U.S. Census Bureau, an increasing percentage of Washingtonians are walking and biking to work, making D.C. a national leader in foot-propelled commutes.
According to the latest American Community Survey data, collected between 2008 and 2012, [...]

This Is Where Washingtonians Bike and Run

You probably don't need a map to tell you that people enjoy biking through Rock Creek Park or jogging on the National Mall. But why let good data go to waste? Cyclists and runners use the Strava app to log and improve their times; the Strava app, in turn, logs their routes. And now, as [...]

Yes, Bike Lanes Can Reduce Car Capacity. But They Probably Don’t Worsen Traffic.

D.C.'s latest protected cycletrack, on 1st Street NE, is nearly finished. For bikers, this means a faster, safer way to travel through NoMa. For drivers, it's yet another reason to gripe about bike infrastructure slowing down car traffic. Or is it? FiveThirtyEight has a study today on this very issue. The takeaway is this: Yes, [...]

New Law Treats Cyclists More Like Pedestrians

Good news, D.C. cyclists: Much of the illegal behavior you've been engaging in is about to become legal.
Ever find yourself impatient after a long red light and crossing the intersection when the pedestrian light flashes to go, but before the main one does? Technically, you can't do that—but soon you'll be able to.
Like those [...]

Met Branch Fail

On a typical weekday evening, the Metropolitan Branch Trail is quiet, save for a few biking commuters who got stuck late at the office. Last Friday wasn’t typical. Convened hastily by community leaders, a group of about 60 cyclists and neighbors took to the trail—on foot, instead of on two wheels—in response to the latest [...]

Flawed Metropolitan Branch Trail Cameras Not Doing Much to Fight Crime

On Tuesday, a cyclist on the Metropolitan Branch Trail was senselessly beaten by about 15 juveniles, apparently just for kicks—they stole nothing. This raises the question, of course, of what the city's doing to prevent crimes like these. One intended deterrent is the security cameras set up by the District Department of Transportation along the [...]