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New York Gets Bikeshare For Free, Still Charges Through The Nose

From the annals of everything's more expensive in New York: The Big Apple's new bikeshare system, which uses the same operator and same bikes as D.C.'s, will be mostly paid for by Citibank—hence the blue color scheme and "CitiBike" moniker—with Mastercard picking up the rest. You might consider the $41 million contribution a small thankyou for [...]

The Bikeshare of Carsharing Launches This Weekend

If Zipcar was the beginning of the carsharing revolution—funded, in fact, by a group called Revolution—then Car2Go marks the beginning of the new regime.
Starting tomorrow, when the Daimler-owned company launches at a splashy event off U Street, you'll be able to pick up a car on the street and return it whenever you're done with [...]

Capital Bikeshare Rolls Out Homeless Pilot

First, the District Department of Transportation tried to reach the not-so-rich through a partnership with D.C.'s banking program, giving discounted memberships to people who sign up for a debit or credit card. Now, they're partnering with a nonprofit to try helping out more people who could really use some low-cost transportation: The homeless.
Not just any [...]

Streetcar Czar Leaves DDOT Post [UPDATE]

Well, leave it to Councilmember Tommy Wells to break the late night news: Scott Kubly, who has been in charge of the District Department of Transportation's Progressive Transportation Services Administration since 2009, is stepping down. Kubly is perhaps best known for his management of the streetcar, but his portfolio also includes the Circulator bus and [...]