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D.C. Sets Bike Lane Record in 2014

If 2010 voters thought they were choosing Vince Gray to get away from the city's big bike-lane expansion, they made a mistake.

Ward 8 Gets Its First Bike Lanes

There are bicyclists throughout D.C., but there aren't always bike lanes to match—a point generally overlooked in the faux-outrage over cyclists' supposed excessive privileges in the city. Biking east of the Anacostia River is often hard, and it's not just because of the hilly terrain. While the District had 72 miles of bike lanes as [...]

On D.C.’s Entitled “Bike Terrorists”

On Monday, I joined Veronica Davis, a self-described "Jill of all trades" whose many roles include transportation planner and co-founder of the organizing and advocacy group Black Women Bike, for a bicycle trip through Ward 7. Davis commutes between her office downtown and her home in Fairfax Village, a quiet residential community by the Maryland border, [...]

Yes, Bike Lanes Can Reduce Car Capacity. But They Probably Don’t Worsen Traffic.

D.C.'s latest protected cycletrack, on 1st Street NE, is nearly finished. For bikers, this means a faster, safer way to travel through NoMa. For drivers, it's yet another reason to gripe about bike infrastructure slowing down car traffic. Or is it? FiveThirtyEight has a study today on this very issue. The takeaway is this: Yes, [...]

D.C. Has 72 Miles of Bike Lanes. Ward 8 Has Zero.

Earlier this week, I wrote about D.C.'s so-called bike deserts, parts of the city that don't have access to a nearby bike shop. The lack of places to fix a flat or buy spare parts discourages biking in parts of the city where low incomes and sparse transit options should theoretically make biking appealing, I [...]

If a Church Can Block a Bike Lane, Why Can’t a Strip Club?

The M Street cycletrack is under siege. Last week, I wrote about an M Street church's successful effort to scrap a block of the planned protected bike lane in order to preserve a few curbside parking spaces for churchgoers. The District Department of Transportation's capitulation, I wrote, set a terrible precedent by sending the message [...]

The Bad Precedent of Bike-Lane NIMBYism

The next big thing in D.C. bike lanes just got a little bit smaller. Amid opposition from a local church, which didn't want to lose its curbside parking spaces, the planned M Street cycletrack will lose a block of its protected bike lane, as first reported today by Martin Di Caro.
The plan had been for the [...]

On Being Doored

It was bound to happen sooner or later: After five years of biking in D.C., I finally got doored.
I was biking home from work yesterday evening on 11th Street NW, when the passenger-side door of the car on my left swung open into the bike lane. I had maybe a quarter of a second to [...]

New Bike Lanes Coming to Petworth

Today in news that matters little to most (except maybe on philosophical grounds) but lots to a few lucky bike-commuting denizens of Petworth: Illinois Avenue NW is getting bike lanes. According to the District Department of Transportation's Monica Hernandez, there'll be new bike lanes on Illinois between Randolph Street and Grant Circle and shared lanes [...]

For D.C.’s Bikers, More Cushion for the Pushin’

"If you build it, they will come." It's the go-to quote among optimists in development circles, used in discussions of everything from parks to neighborhoods to retail centers. But when it comes to D.C.'s bike infrastructure—that's how Jim Sebastian of the District Department of Transportation used it at a media luncheon yesterday on the city's bike [...]